Beyond the expected: 6 unique advertising ideas


News media companies deliver print and digital advertisements, of course, But today, they offer far more.

Take a look at what newspapers have done to deliver the advertiser’s message in a relevant and unique way. They are going above and beyond, partnering with advertisers to create powerful, impactful messaging to reach their target consumers:

Events: A local pub (which brews its own beer) needed to build awareness. The news media company invited the local neighbourhood in to drink beer (optional) and draw an advertisement for the pub in a blank spot it had left in 1,000 newspapers.

These newspapers, with “hand-drawn ads for handmade beer,” were delivered to homes near the pub. What a way to stand out. Watch the video of the campaign.

Sound: An advertiser included the sound of an orca whale every time the newspaper box was opened. This was part of the British Columbia (B.C.) travel campaign that appeared in the newspaper and on its site. Take a look at the bronze winner, Destination B.C.

Sponsored content: Sometimes called “native advertising,” it is used in print and on newspaper sites, allowing the advertiser to share more information on a topic. See examples and further discussion here.

Demonstration: McDonalds wanted to launch its new buttermilk biscuits. It completely changed the newspaper box for the day, making it look like an oven. When the “oven” was opened, the front of the newspaper looked like a fresh-baked tray of biscuits from McDonalds. See the gold winner here.

Breakthrough digital: The Walk Without Fear Foundation wanted to get noticed. It needed something to help it breakthrough, build its profile, and, of course, source donations. As readers are on the newspaper site, it dramatically and loudly blows it up, effectively delivering its message. See the gold winner here.

Augmented Reality: This allows a reader to use a smartphone in conjunction with a newspaper to bring an advertisement to life. With the app on, the smartphone is hovered over the ad. The advertiser can share a video, a map, detailed information such as menus, show different products, and more. See these ads in action.

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