Bangalore Mirror partners with Volvo to thank doctors with personalised campaign

By Venktesh Babu

MMCL-Vijay Karnataka

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors across the world have played a key role. Bangalore Mirror partnered with auto brand Volvo to thank these warriors in India in a special way on National Doctor’s Day, which was July 1, 2020.

Personalised thank you notes were published on the first page of Bangalore Mirror on Doctor’s Day and hand-delivered during the stipulated time to their workplaces. The second page featured an ad on Volvo’s new car offering.

This was an interesting case study where the city’s youthful and vibrant newspaper brand was used effectively to appeal to high net-worth professionals in the city of Bengaluru.

The Bangalore Mirror and Volvo teamed up to thank doctors in Bengaluru.
The Bangalore Mirror and Volvo teamed up to thank doctors in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru was one of the few cities in India that managed to get a grip on COVID-19 and reduce fatalities. One of the key reasons was the quick learning and practices adopted by healthcare professionals. During the peak period, doctors and Department of Health officials spoke to the media, making announcements that helped control spread of the virus.

The recovery rate in Bengaluru was high thanks to the medical facilities in the city and the prompt efforts of healthcare professionals who worked around the clock, ready to serve the people during the crisis.

The objective of the Bangalore Mirror’s campaign was to delight healthcare professionals in Bengaluru. Bangalore Mirror’s sales team aimed to identify top doctors in Bengaluru and handed over a personalised copy of the newspaper on Doctor’s Day in their workplace. The key challenge was to ensure operations were carried out overnight so no delays occurred in reaching the newspapers in the morning.

Bengaluru’s Volvo cars dealer (Martial Motors) created an impactful campaign called “Thank You Doctor.” Bangalore Mirror, the third-highest read English daily in Bengaluru, decided to join hands in this unique print campaign to reach top doctors of Bengaluru.

The pandemic caused multitudinous problems for the print industry. Regular operations were affected. From reporting to publishing and from printing to distribution, every market-facing activity was working in a different mode. The feasibility of executing a unique campaign with a customised front page was checked as changing the cover page in the regular printing would amount to significant wastage and cost.

The database of the top 50 winners was shortlisted. The printing arrangements were made despite the night curfew imposed in the city. Printed newspapers were carried to another location for the customisation process, where names were printed. Appointments with doctors were fixed to deliver the customised product. A route map for the distribution team was decided and delivery was planned by the minute.

The doctors were delighted to receive a thank you note for their efforts during the tough times.

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