6 strategic ways to use advertising in print media


Print media can be used in innovative ways to deliver an advertiser’s message. Read through the examples presented or watch the video instead.

Reminder: What brand to buy? What to do this weekend? Newspapers provide a recap of the latest news and information so it’s a perfect fit.

Bounce presents hydro-electric towers in the shape of clothes – and the connection is made. Splashdown Waterpark delivers a smile with its ad presenting a playful version of the “aftermath.”

Branding: Procter & Gamble, which owns Bounce, has consistently advertised its brands in newspapers over the last couple of years demonstrating branding (and packaged goods) works in the medium! Another advertiser, Cougar boots, reinforces its brand’s Canadianness.

Change public opinion: Newspapers are packed with powerful visuals and this can be leveraged by advertisers as in the case for PFLAG. This organisation stops the reader with an arresting visual and its copy explains, “Not all prisons have bars. Support trans awareness.”

Reconsider: Newspapers are filled with compelling ideas, making them an appropriate environment for advertisers to present their case. Del Monte recognised that we all “sneak” a break/snack. Its ad draws the reader in with its treat wallpaper and then it presents fruit as the alternative.

Fundraise: Stirring emotions is one the cornerstones of newspapers. Raising the Roof (a not-for-profit organisation that helps the homeless) presents Jeanne’s story in copy and visuals, willing the reader to connect and then donate.

Topical: The ads can reflect current events making them more relevant to the environment that they are being presented in. Workopolis (a job site) does this on a regular basis. Presented here is the birth of the royal baby with the appropriate “punny” headline.

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