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5 digital video trends to watch in 2016

By Philippe Guay


New York City, New York, USA


Now that you’ve settled into 2015, it’s time to make sure your video strategy is shored up. Here are 10 trends to watch this year:

1. Tougher viewability standards: Your video strategy needs to ensure content is front and center with your audience to deliver the best viewability possible. Long gone are the days of small side-rail players that auto-play below the fold.

According to a recent article in Advertising Age: “GroupM and Unilever only count display impressions where 100% of an ad is in view for any length of time and video where 100% of the player is in view; at least half the ad plays; the sound is on; and a person actually clicks to start it.”

Those standards are a lot tougher than the Media Rating Council standards, and you can expect more brands and agencies to jump on this bandwagon.

Mobile considerations are an absolute must for media interested in pursuing video opportunities.
Mobile considerations are an absolute must for media interested in pursuing video opportunities.

2. Mobile, mobile, mobile: Enough said. Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in terms of where users consume their video content, your video strategy needs to be mobile first.

From June 2013 to June 2014, comScore showed a 14% increase in mobile Web time spent and a whopping 52% surge in mobile app time spent. To put that in perspective, desktop only saw a 1% increase during the same period of time.

3. “Snackable” content: You don’t need a full article to push great content to your audience anymore. Creating a post where video is 100% of your content makes sense in the digital age.

Snackable content can get two to 12 times as many shares and highly engage time-starved users. A short clip showing a great basketball dunk or funny fan reaction lasting 30 seconds or less can create outstanding engagement.

Another great thing about snackable content is each piece is self-contained. Shorter and faster bits of content tailored for social media can go a long way toward engaging your audience.

4. How great is your app? App usage dominates traditional Web browser usage by at least four to one. Do you have a great app that ensures daily audience engagement? This is one of the most important questions you need to address to ensure success in the digital age.

More than 40% of users utilise one or two apps as their source of news. This is a crucial statistic – especially when you consider the sheer number of news apps available to users.

Produce a great app that sets you apart from the competition. It’s simply not good enough to offer a watered-down version of your publication on a phone – you have to bring something more to the table.

5. Programmatic needs to be part of your strategy: One of the biggest trends in 2016 will be programmatic television. Yes, TV is now fighting back to maintain and grow its share of the media spend pie.

JJ Eastwood from digital marketing platform, RocketFuel, says “ ... the bigger number, which a lot of people are excited about, is that by 2020 there will be US$100 billion flowing through the programmatic pipe globally.”

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