For more than two decades, corporate brand ZEE has been extremely successful in establishing its mark across the globe, mainly through its predictable performance, pioneering vision, and prudent strategies.

Taking a step further in its endeavor to reach a billion viewers (from the current number of 700 million viewers), ZEE has launched not one, but two intellectual properties in a short time span of six months.

These two intellectual property initiatives are:

ZEE Leadership Series was based on the core theme of “One World: Risk, Opportunities, and Excellence.” The idea was that this property would have an intellectually stimulating event for cross industry leaders to discuss, debate, and reflect on pertinent issues of global importance.

With this in mind the speakers identified for the first two events were Captain Richard Philips and Frederik Härén.

  • Captain Richard Philips: Captain of the Maersk Alabama, the only U.S. cargo ship to be attacked by pirates in the last 200 years. Captain Phillips is a hero in every sense of the word. Held hostage by Somali pirates to save his crew and ship, the Captain’s story is one of tremendous individual bravery, leadership and eventually, of triumph.

  • Frederik Härén: Swedish entrepreneur, publisher and author. In the past few years Härén has become one of the most talked-about names in the field of creativity.

    Founder of and author of best sellers The Idea Book and The Developing World, Härén has worked with multiple companies from IBM to China Mobile, from Volvo to the Swedish National Bank, and has delivered more than 1,500 speeches in more than 40 countries across five continents.

    This event was attended by over 400 chief executive officers representing various sectors.

ZEE MindSpace was another successful event, launched with an intention to create a intellectually stimulating event for industry leaders to discuss, debate and reflect on issues and challenges facing the industry. The speakers for this event were:

  • Rob Lilwall: British-born, Hong Kong-based TV adventurer, writer and motivational speaker.

  • Anders Sorman-Nilsson: Reformed lawyer and founder and creative director of the Sydney and Stockholm based research company Thinque.

Both speakers brought diverse perspectives to the platform, giving the audience a unique lens to their professional challenges. ZEE MindSpace also witnessed a healthy audience count of more than 350 chief marketing offices.

Roland Landers, head of brand ZEE, had this to say about the initiatives: “The corporate brand ZEE contributes immensely to the net worth of our enterprise, and has achieved a global cadre and recognition. Hence we wanted to create our intellectual properties which have a global connect and address global issues.” 

ZEE has plans to increase the presence in this space by launching additional such intellectual properties in the coming financial year, further adding the global dimension to the corporate brand.