Wips uses unique social media posts for creative storytelling

By Matías Amigo

Wips by Pulgar Digital

Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Wips creates all our content using mobile phones and custom tools to optimise content for social media platforms. Our team of young people gives a fresh twist to traditional journalism by incorporating homemade filters (with a journalistic touch), memes, stickers, local stories, and gifs.

Our goal is to use entertainment to provide content to our audience. By doing so, we aim to provide our viewers with valuable insights that can help them understand important issues. Through our unique style, we strive to share the emotions and experiences that arise from certain situations, promoting empathy and understanding among our audience.

We believe that effective communication relies on more than just conveying information. By using entertainment to frame our messages, we can engage our audience on a deeper level and encourage them to connect emotionally with the topics we cover.

This approach allows us to not only inform our viewers but also inspire them to take action and make a positive impact in their own lives and communities.

Wips takes a unique approach and communicates with its audience through gifs, stickers, memes, and filters.
Wips takes a unique approach and communicates with its audience through gifs, stickers, memes, and filters.

Understanding our history

Our identity is rooted in our origins. To truly understand who we are, it is important to know where we come from. With this in mind, we have established a platform to explore the stories of our city and the people who have shaped its history.

Through this space, we aim to provide our community with a deeper understanding of our collective heritage. By sharing stories that illuminate the diverse experiences and perspectives that have shaped our city, we hope to foster a sense of pride and connection among our audience.

Our platform serves as a reminder of the richness of our cultural heritage and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

We also inform our audience about the latest city services and developments, as well as national issues relevant to the local community. We strive to provide a local context for these topics to facilitate better understanding.

A different approach

Our goal is to showcase the stories of Bahienses, the people who call Bahia Blanca home. By doing so, we hope to foster a greater sense of community and connection among the city’s residents.

Through our storytelling, we aim to highlight the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and accomplishments of our fellow citizens, inspiring a sense of pride and representation in our community. By bringing these stories to light, we hope to create a more inclusive and positive environment for all who call Bahia Blanca home.

Our WhatsApp group communicates only through stickers, including custom-made ones about current events. It’s a unique and fun way to keep up with the latest news while expressing ourselves creatively. This has brought our community closer together and has become a refreshing break from traditional communication methods.

By combining stickers and GIFs, we’ve created a unique and exciting way to communicate with others.

The sum of all these contents makes Wips a unique concept worldwide and shows that with phones, a talented team, and creativity, you can do great things.

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