VOL.AT's pandemic-inspired Klubhaus continues to draw a crowd

By Joachim Mangard

VOL.AT, Russmedia Digital

Schwarzach, Vorarlberg, Austria


With the Klubhaus, VOL.AT is exploring new avenues and telling new stories with video content. Created during the pandemic, the show was designed to deliver a free dose of variety and entertainment to the people who were obliged to stay within their own four walls due to the lockdown.

In the Klubhaus, the focus is on people chatting about their everyday lives in a relaxed setting. The studio guests mostly come from Vorarlberg and represent a wide cross-section of social life. Musicians, artists, athletes, actors, event organisers, chefs, and many more speak to the two moderators, Jogi and Pascal, about their lives and what currently inspires them.

As a nod to classic late-night formats, there also is a studio band, of course. The DeadBeatz and the Austrian BluesPunk Orchestra provide the perfect musical accompaniment. The fictional character Johannes von und zu Gutenberg gives a voice to the VOL.AT user forum. In the style of a literary presentation, the editor quotes the best of the comments that were deleted due to a violation of netiquette or that contained especially bizarre turns of phrase.

The programme is recorded in the new studio and broadcast weekly on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on VOL.AT and Ländle TV.

Klubhaus gives a nod to the late-night TV format and has become popular with viewers.
Klubhaus gives a nod to the late-night TV format and has become popular with viewers.

In addition, this format actively attempts to market new video content online. This led to a section of the programme cooperating with the local Fohrenburg brewery, among others. At the Klubhaus bar, guests chat with the charming barkeeper, Sara, and answer user questions that can be sent in before the programme. This enables interaction with the audience.

Another programme segment was created in cooperation with Casinos Austria. Klubhaus viewers can apply to take part in the Klubhaus “lucky shower.” Here, the winners have the chance to prove their skill in a “shower of cash.” This segment of the programme is also moderated by Sara and shines a spotlight on more Vorarlberg locals.

The Klubhaus crew dedicated an entire special to the topic of vaccination and fighting the coronavirus pandemic. As part of a special programme featuring well-known musician, politician, satirist, and doctor Marco Pogo, the two moderators received their vaccinations live on camera.

Klubhaus has since become one of the established formats in the VOL.AT family. Over 30 episodes have already been produced and played on the network’s channels.

Klubhaus is advertised frequently throughout the week on the VOL.AT landing page (500,000 page impressions), including a push notification before the Saturday broadcast. 

Streaming takes place on the VOL.AT player (also on the Web page), via the YouTube channel (64,600 subscribers) and the local Ländle TV station. In addition, announcements are made on Facebook and Instagram (87,000 followers).

With over 60,000 views on YouTube, the episode featuring model and influencer Maria Maksimovic from Dornbirn is one of the most-viewed episodes. Alongside national stars such as comedian Gernot Kulis and a brief intermezzo with Dirk Stermann (Willkommen Österreich), the American “Jackass” superstars Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville also came to give their two cents.

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