VG campaign rewards loyal print readers, increases daily audience, market share

By Camilla Grund

Verdens Gang

Oslo, Norway


The challenge: Stop further decline and make the print edition attractive to loyal readers.

The goals:

  • Daily sales increase of 1.5%.
  • Retain readers.
  • 100,000 participants.
  • Increase advertising revenue.

Partnering with Suzuki and Vinn (a travel company), VG gave away a holiday voucher to one reader daily and a car to readers monthly through a text-based competition. Readers had to buy the print edition to participate.

VG promoted the campaign on its front page every day, through its other media channels, via mobile, adshells around Norway, radio spots, ads on TV and Facebook, SMS, local media coverage, and video of one reader winning a car. There was also clever product placement on an airplane.

The results:

  • Market share increased 1.2%.
  • 1 our of 7 read more frequently.
  • Daily sales increased 2.2%.
  • 532,047 participants.

In addition, partner Suzuki brought in US$530,000 in revenue, more than its US$$225,500 goal. Ving brought in $US$250,000 in revenue, more than its US$178,000 goal. 

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