Valor Econômico’s Global Citizen event spurs thought on complex issues

By Chris Bertelli

Editora Globo

São Paulo, Brazil


Since 2017, Valor Econômico and Santander Brasil have organised the Global Citizen, a meeting that brings together great thinkers from the contemporary world.

For all the editions of the Global Citizen, Santander representatives were part of the discussion, which allowed them to include the brand in a natural, cohesive way and produce relevant content that positioned it as a promoter of innovation and a debater of important global issues.

In the first two editions, the event discussed what it means to be a citizen of the 21st century. In the first year, it featured a lecture by former U.S. President Barack Obama. In 2019, it was led by historians Yuval Harari and Jared Diamond

That year, the project won the 2019 Aberje Award in the Branded Content category, which recognises the best practices in business communication in the country.

The Global Citizen event, developed by Valor Econômico newspaper and Santander Brasil, brings together great thinkers from the contemporary world.
The Global Citizen event, developed by Valor Econômico newspaper and Santander Brasil, brings together great thinkers from the contemporary world.

Going online for the pandemic

In 2020, the third edition debated, in an online format, the future of globalisation, with activist and actress Viola Davis and Nobel Prize winner in economics, Esther Duflo. Environmentalist, former U.S. vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore was the highlight of the fourth edition, in 2021, with sustainability guidelines.

Back to the face-to-face event in 2022, the ESG agenda was discussed by Sanda Ojiambo, CEO of the Global Compact/UN; Jeremy Oppenheim, co-founder of Systemiq; and Paul Polman, climate activist.

The events were the starting points for developing hundreds of pieces of content that allowed the brand to appropriate the “global citizen” concept. Around the theme defined for each edition, the strategy to achieve this objective has always included online publications (Web site), positioning in the main social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube), and printed pages in Valor Econômico as well as in O Globo and Época Negócios magazine — two titles by Editora Globo that deal with the world of business.

We have always focused on expanding reach, ensuring capillarity, engagement, and frequency around the content produced, interspersing platforms. The publications started around two months before the date of the event itself and continued for up to three months after the event.

Extending the reach

In the first edition, a network of reporters in six countries told the stories of 25 global citizens on video, generating over 100 content pieces distributed on social networks, with 5 million views and a reach of 11 million.

On social networks, we highlight the main speeches of speakers in card formats, amplifying and memifying the content, and adapting it to the platform, thus expanding its reach.

In the second edition, the series “21 Brazilian Lessons for the 21st Century” inaugurated the branded channel Cidadão Global within Valor Econômico, presenting articles and incorporating podcasts with the country’s leading specialists and thinkers on current issues.

The face-to-face event attracted around 600 people and was followed by more than 10,000 users in the live broadcast. In addition, it added up to more than 50 million impacts in the media campaign and was also highlighted in printed pages covering the event in the newspaper and O Globo and Época Negócios.

When, in the following editions, the discussion was brought about the Future of Globalisation and later the Voices of Transformation, two tracks of digital and printed content were created to reflect on the world during the pandemic. The digital content once again expanded the discussion around the theme in the branded channel, amplifying the event’s coverage in print and repeating the meme strategy on social networks.

In 2021, we also brought interviews with video specialists to the YouTube platform, adding up to more than 1 million views on the proprietary platforms of Editora Globo and Santander.

In the most recent edition, in December 2022, Banco Santander and the newspaper Valor Econômico again gathered more than 600 guests for the first post-pandemic in-person edition. The theme could not be more urgent and timely.

“ESG, from speech to practice” had the participation of some of the biggest names linked to the agenda today: Sanda Ojiambo, Jeremy Oppenheim, and Paul Polman. The speakers, with relevant experience in the area, pointed out possible ways to achieve the many goals of this important agenda. Currently, the channel has around 300,000 pageviews, and some content continues to be accessed frequently.

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