While many of us have been enjoying a bit of holiday rest and relaxation, others have been nose-t0-the-grindstone with the work of the news media industry. In case you missed these while putting on sunscreen by the pool, here are the most-read stories produced by INMA contributors in July:

1. New York Times finds breaking news readers want better digital experiences: A small group of breaking-news readers surveyed by The New York Times can be divided into two groups: early followers and latecomers. Both have advice for news media companies on how they want their breaking news delivered digitally.

2. How branded content will transform print media: Somebody is going to profit from content marketing, according to researchers at Boston Consulting Group. Shouldn’t it be your news media company?

3. How to make money on mobile (hint: it’s not banner ads): The key to making revenue profitable is not by focusing on your news media company’s mobile content. It’s by focusing on your advertiser’s — or potential advertiser’s — mobile content.