Sunday Mid-day’s feel-good campaign helps Mumbai wind down

By Krishna Tanna

Mid-day Infomedia Ltd.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Weekends are precious, especially for manic Mumbai. And Sunday Mid-day, the weekend newspaper from brand Mid-day, redefined the Sunday reading experience when it launched its new avatar in October 2019.  

The legacy newspaper, which has consistently delivered stand-apart content to readers for 38 years, underwent one of its most pivotal design and content revamps. The fresh, new approach to news and features offers readers a compelling weekend read that goes beyond the lip-service lifestyle coverage that’s synonymous with most other Sunday newspapers.

With its smart, new design that provides ease of reading and enhanced content squarely focused on the city, Sunday Mid-day celebrates Mumbai for its strengths and reflects on its flaws. The newspaper offers the perfect mix — 70% leisure features, 30% news — and promises the reader a 100% Mumbai experience. 

The campaign promised to deliver an exceptional Sunday experience.
The campaign promised to deliver an exceptional Sunday experience.

To back the launch, Sunday Mid-day conceived the “Hey Mumbai, We Have a Sunday for You!” campaign. The concept was the result of brainstorming between teams Sunday Mid-day, Mid-day, and Scarecrow M&C Saatchi. The idea took root as the team embraced the essential idea of a Sunday — the day youre allowed to do what you wish. And Sunday Mid-day addresses a variety of people and their interests through its articles. Hence, the newspaper’s campaign promises:

  • Hey foodie, we have a treat for you.
  • Hey music lover, we have a gig for you.
  • Hey Mumbai, we have a Sunday for you.

Sunday is also the only day when you can afford to put your feet up and spend lazy hours reading a newspaper. Therefore, Sunday Mid-day’s thrust is on leisure reading and hand-picked feature articles spanning everything from pop- and sub-culture to food and drink, health, heritage revival, fashion, technology, sports, the arts, and entertainment.

Appealing to a wide range of interests, Sunday Mid-day gave ideas of how to spend the most leisurely day of the week.
Appealing to a wide range of interests, Sunday Mid-day gave ideas of how to spend the most leisurely day of the week.

Mid-day receives a warm welcome

The brand film received an overwhelming response, garnering a total exposure of 30.9 million views across all mediums. The We Have a Sunday for You! video, brought to life by the Sunday Mid-day anthem composed by Rupert Fernandes, went viral with 1 million digital views. More than one-half of the audience who watched the video interacted with it through likes, comments, and shares. This gave it more than 5.5 million impressions online.

While the campaign effectively reached 0.689 million people digitally, in cinemas the numbers ran as high as 0.65 million. At on-ground events where it was screened, the film reached close to 36,000 people.

The campaign was picked up and discussed by every top media publisher in the industry including Brand Equity, AFAQs, Adgully, Best Media Info, Marketing Communication News, Campaign Brief Asia, and Media News4U, garnering 2.2 million+ of PR AVE exposure. It not only transformed audience perception of the brand Mid-day, it also reinforced the Mumbaikars’ love for the city and all that it offers.

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