Star-Ledger takes video to new level with Emmy wins

As early as 2005, The Star-Ledger was integrating video into its Web sites. It trained both reporters and photographers to use video as a part of their storytelling process.

Today, the Web site includes a video section, where viewers can get short (about two minutes) video segments of live news coverage. According to Seth Siditsky, video strategist for parent company Advance Digital, reporters produce the videos on their iPhones and submit it along with a text version.

A weekly video broadcast, “Ledger Live,” takes a more extended (five-minute) look at a single topic, such as the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy

Confirmation of the quality of the Web site’s content came in 2010, when the publisher entered the Emmy Awards contest. The publisher, which competed with local television stations, won three statues. The following year it earned 11 nominations and won in four categories, following that by racking up six nominations in 2012.

This year, the Star-Ledger has earned an unprecedented 19 Emmy nominations in categories including writing, editing, on-camera talent, human-interest, interactivity, and both news and feature segments. Its long-form video, “The Twinkles,” about a pre-teen, competitive cheerleading team, is nominated in the documentary category.

“We are the most-nominated video outfit in New Jersey, beating out television stations,” Siditsky says. “I think that says a lot about the kind of work we are doing — and what is possible for publishers. Newspapers are evolving. And video has become as important and as valuable as anything else we are doing as a media organisation.”

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