Two-thirds or 65% of our designated marketing area (DMA) reads local news either via a printed newspaper or an electronic device each week. The majority of those local news readers (55% of DMA) either use a printed newspaper or a smartphone to access local news.

Our journalism remains an important foundation for our communities. And our owned and operated channels provide a valuable audience for our advertisers.

So, we must continue to grow our digital subscriptions for what tends to be our younger audiences, and we must continue to deliver print for those who value it that way. We are truly in a unique situation to tell our story of opportunity and capabilities to the audiences who care about what is happening around them and spend money at our local retailers.

We should also be good at telling our own story. As we transition and evolve, news consumers and advertisers need consistent and informative conversation that helps them understand the dynamics behind our changing business climate.

The more we explain our position and continued relevance, the better. News is as important today as it ever has been. Being able to provide access to quality journalism across platforms keeps us at the top of the list of sources local populations turn to.

And, keeping an eye on the platforms of choice is important. One can see the changing utility between the age groups — age 50 and older versus ages 18-49.