Prensa Libre increases ad sales with corporate responsibility magazine

By Lucrecia Choy

RSE Magazine

Guatemala City, Guatemala


Prensa Libre’s RSE (Responsabilidad Social Empresarial), a magazine about corporate social responsibility, has succeeded in meeting objectives from its outset. What we did not expect is that RSE would lead us to launch more similar publications.

The original idea for RSE was inspired by advertorials we had seen in different newspapers that told stories of companies doing good deeds in their communities to help the environment or their employees.

After conducting some research, we decided publishing content like this would be a new and great income-generating opportunity for us, as well as an opportunity for more companies to share positive stories of corporate responsibility.

RSE magazine attracted new corporate advertisers by offering positive community exposure and editorial services.
RSE magazine attracted new corporate advertisers by offering positive community exposure and editorial services.

The three objectives we set for RSE were:

  1. Provide companies that have a corporate social responsibility programme with a channel to tell their stories.
  2. Offer to write and edit their articles for an additional fee.
  3. Sell a minimum of 70% of the pages available in the magazine.

We planned and presented this project to sales in June 2017 and had two months to sell and develop the publication. The first issue was published on September 11 of that year.

Our sales department saw the project through positive eyes, even though team members didn’t have high expectations. We had already identified some companies with very well-developed corporate social responsibility programmes and some that had taken on a few social responsibility projects. We suggested the sales team contact them, and we followed up on the negotiations until they were closed. 

We booked advertised orders as companies signed up, so the first clients obtained the best positions and pages in the magazine. The sales proposals included content with interviews and some pictures for every client story. It was difficult work with a small team, but we succeeded. We set a deadline to confirm participation, and confirmations flowed in until the last minute. Every client checked and approved their pages.

Ultimately, the clients and our sales team were very satisfied. Each client paid for at least three pages for their articles and one page for an ad. An outstanding 72% of the pages in the first edition were paid — meaning we reached our goal! This was very important for demonstrating the long-term viability of RSE. We knew if we convinced the sales manager, he would be able to focus more of the team’s energy on the next issue, which would help ensure an even better outcome.

In September 2018, we published RSE again with even better results. Income grew 64% compared to 2017, and the magazine had eight more pages. Now we are also publishing other magazines with similar concepts, such as Great Places to Work, and we are planning for other similar publications in 2019. 

Our Prensa Libre Content Marketing group began working with clients three years ago. We did some multi-media content and a lot of proposals. Now awareness of our work has grown throughout Guatemala, and we are working with big brands. Business has grown on a yearly basis, exceeding income goals, and we expect that growth to continue in the coming year.

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