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OneMetro reaches millions with Sagrosso cooking videos

By Estefanía Cervantes


San Jose de La Loma, Mexico


OneMetro’s Sagrosso cooking videos are attracting a new food-loving audience and advertisers seeking opportunities for branded content.

This video “channel” grew rapidly since it first day on Facebook when a video of delicious potatoes stuffed with cheddar cheese exceeded one million views and reached five million users in just one day.

“That video exceeded all limits,” said Sagrosso Chef María Jesús Yarad.

From that moment, OneMetro realised great potential for Sagrosso. The company began a phase of adjustments to make each video not only appealing but also to provoke in viewers the feeling that, without much experience in the kitchen, anyone could prepare any type of dish. The short and simple original recipe videos are edited based on local markets.

The Sagrosso team produces its own original, exclusive cooking videos.
The Sagrosso team produces its own original, exclusive cooking videos.

Those first months were essential in getting to know the most faithful followers, demonstrating how useful Sagrosso would be to them, and what they expect from the content in the future. Sagrosso recipes became a part of their day-to-day routines. In the following months, the strategy of offering recipes that adhere to the motto of “less is more” and “everyone can cook” satisfied fans and earned the support of the OneMetro network.

Sagrosso had the right ingredients to reach its first million followers organically by August of 2017. Reaching a community of this size was also a result of Sagrosso crossing the borders of Latin America into other markets. The recipe videos now elicit comments and interactions from users in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and the United States.

From main dishes to drinks to desserts, Sagrosso features Latin American flavours.
From main dishes to drinks to desserts, Sagrosso features Latin American flavours.

As the audience grew, the challenge was raised and the quality of the content elevated. Sagrosso is not just a page of culinary entertainment; it is an online cooking school that allows people to approach their culture and that of other countries through food.

The Sagrosso team developed a series of traditional recipes from each of the countries where we have gained a core audience. They decided to go for nostalgia, preparing classic Latin “mom and grandmother” recipes and promoting fresh versions of the most famous desserts among Spanish-speaking people.

This approach resulted in exponential growth of Facebook page reach from approximately three million people to six million over three months with a clear path to gain two million followers by February 2018. With these figures, Sagrosso became the ideal space for various Latin companies to promote their products through the short videos that people were already used to and looked forward to seeing in their Facebook feeds twice daily at regular times in the morning and evening every day of the week.

Currently, Sagrosso has more than 1,800 original recipes attracting 3.3 million followers and monthly visits exceeding 19 million people. This successful channel captivates amateur Latin American chefs seeking delicious new experiences every day.

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