Nuestro Diario creates regional editions, building audience, advertiser relationships

By Rolando Baldizón

Eleven years ago, we realised the different regional departments in our country needed to be differentiated — they must have something new, something different, something innovative. 

Why? Because Nuestro Diario readers in each department needed to have their own first-hand information. That was the beginning of the process of regionalisation (north, south, east, and west).

In the beginning, the editions circulated three times per week to these regions and consolidated areas. In 2011, we decided to print three more “regionales,” reaching 10 geographic regions of Guatemala. With this new distribution, we created groups that covered all the geographic departments, giving us the opportunity to give daily coverage throughout the entire country.

Nobody could have predicted that in three years, the rise and growth of the “regionales” would be so impressive. Our writing, photography , and correspondents teams have increased significantly, to the point that today we have more than 300 correspondents across the country.

We have eight departmental agencies and a sales force of approximately 65 sellers, responsible for selling advertising across the country and publishing in their respective regions.

The power of segmentation is amazing. It has given to Nuestro Diario the opportunity to be the largest newspaper in Central America and the Caribbean, with an average daily circulation of 250,000 copies with our respective “regionales.”

This segmentation also gave to each region its own identity, helping with target advertising. This allows our advertisers to publish their ads in the area where they need it to be. It is also helpful that our agencies are close by, saving them time and money.

The segmentation gives better service and information to our readers and customers, allowing them to get much more affordable rates.

The fact that our sales force can work face-to-face provides a good service to our advertisers, much better than their making a call and never having contact with the people to whom they are selling. Being in close proximity also created good communication and key contacts, especially with our hawkers — the people in charge of selling Nuestro Diario in every corner of the country. This project allowed them to increase their volume of sales and, hence, their income .

Each “regionale” is independently published and with fresh news of the region, adding colourful photography of the area, its customs, sport, gastronomy and folklore.

That’s why Nuestro Diario and its “regionales” have been a commercial phenomenon, generating employment and becoming the preference of our readers. They look all around the country for Nuestro Diario and most, if not all, consider to Nuestro Diario to be part of their family.

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