News Corp’s MarketWatch sees online engagement jump with print supplement

By Paula Felps


Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Retirement has long been considered the reward for a long career. But as many people are finding out, it’s not the easy street that many believed it would be. That’s one reason MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas in Retirement special report resonated so well with an audience that is retiring by the thousands and searching for ways to make the most of their final chapter.

Beginning as a digital-only product, the News Corp-owned MarketWatch produced a print supplement for the first time in June 2019 and distributed it inside The Wall Street Journal. That allowed it to reach 827,000 print readers and generate new excitement for retirement-related content on

The content looked at money and retirement from every possible angle, from how to save for it to how readers could spend both their time and their money in retirement.

Financial considerations such as Social Security were featured prominently in the print supplement.
Financial considerations such as Social Security were featured prominently in the print supplement.

Mapping out the future

The Best New Ideas in Retirement report delved into not just the finances but the psychology of retirement. It acknowledged the often-overlooked challenges people face as they relinquish the identity that has long been associated with their employment, offering strategies for carrying the relevancy of one’s work life into retirement. And it emphasised that planning for the emotional changes of retirement is as important as preparing for the financial ones.

Tapping into the idea that even the most challenging tasks can be accomplished if they are broken down into simple, manageable steps, the stories gave general information on what retirees can expect, but gave more specific thoughts on navigating the different stages of retirement. Among the different lenses through which the report looked were:

  • Retirement vs. financial independence.
  • The role of Social Security in retirement.
  • The new math of saving for retirement.
  • How Baby Boomers are reinventing retirement living.
  • Healthcare — and how to afford it.
  • The importance of remaining mentally and physically fit.
Physical fitness, as well as fiscal fitness, was addressed as a key to successful retirement.
Physical fitness, as well as fiscal fitness, was addressed as a key to successful retirement.

While not all of the topics were ones that would traditionally be thought of as a financial consideration, the stories made the connection of how each of these components plays a part in fiscal health during retirement.

Striking a chord

The response of readers to the Best New Ideas in Retirement supplement was swift and positive. Readers joined the discussion online, with hundreds of comments left across various social media channels.

A follow-up survey confirmed the report’s appeal and impact on brand perception, showing it engaged readers and allowed them to talk about a subject that is often uncomfortable to discuss. About two-thirds of the readers surveyed said reading the insert made them more interested in reading MarketWatch, and 82% of all readers said they found it interesting.

But, perhaps even more significantly, some 400,000 people said they were inspired enough to take some form of action toward their retirement.

That interest was reflected directly on the MarketWatch site. In the six months before the supplement was published, traffic to retirement topics on received 4.4 million unique views. However, in the six months following publication, that number jumped to just shy of 6.4 million.

And while much of the content was geared toward readers who were closing in on retirement age (or had already reached it), the supplement also included content relatable to Millennials, thereby setting the stage for them to develop greater awareness of their financial needs as they age.

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