Metro showcases top advertising campaigns to inspire future creativity, connection with markets

By Jeremy Bryant

Know your audience” and “Serve best your advertisers” – these are two sides of the same coin, and a manifesto Metro never gets tired of proclaiming. This has also proven to deliver outstanding results, enabling Metro to make the most impact and not just spin its wheels. 

At Metro, we believe creativity involves making media solutions that grab attention and lead to action.

The annual “Best of Metro” does precisely this, gathering the best advertising cases from around the world over the previous 12 months in a printed catalogue. It is the A-listers’ yearbook of the Metro network, and can be summed up as “when advertising meets the urbanite’s demands.” 

The objective is to inspire Metro newspapers around the world to think outside the box and come up with new ideas for how we can advertise brands towards our readers — young, urban, active, well-educated — in a new and creative way. 

Only proven accomplishments are considered for “Best of Metro,” and time is taken to review and benchmark successes. The 2013 edition put a focus on solutions where brands act together and use each other’s strengths for maximum impact, in a genuine multichannel hybrid.

Social media, digital, and print solutions gathered from all 24 markets showcase brilliant client synergies in marketing, ad and campaign efforts. We had many solutions that integrated digital with print, but you will also find creative print ads, online/mobile solutions, sampling, events, social media, advertorials and editorial support. 

Keeping creativity high and outperforming previous achievements is vital — not only for the winning party but also globally, for all Metro sales representatives who proudly put on the table the quality of the network and media as a whole.

The “Best of Metro” booklet is a comprehensive reading to praise internal creativity, share B2B, and also to enjoy a moment of pride and give a round of applause to the winners of the Best of Metro Awards. The award is a co-relating annual event to the printed brochure, rewarding excellence in client synergies on all levels presented in Metro newspapers globally. 

It is a step further in enhancing the importance of sharing ideas and inspiration, and once again underlines that we do great independently but can do even greater together.

About Jeremy Bryant

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