McClatchy advertising research service mines for deep insights from audience data

By Darrell Kunken & Mark Whitaker

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, California, USA


While McClatchy LIFT is just one of many research services we offer, it is becoming increasingly more popular with strategic sales departments and our clients.

The name reflects how our clients use the results. McClatchy lift stands for “Leveraging Insight For Targeting.” We help our advertising clients gain deeper insights from their own customer data, which is then applied to strategy development to achieve business goals.

Today, data is everywhere. We see data in the headlines describing the use and importance in business every day. As business decisions are now being driven by data, owners and marketers for small and mid-sized businesses understand that they can learn more and set themselves apart from the competition if they understand their data and take appropriate actions.

It’s easy to get started. Once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed, we acquire the customer file via secure transfer. Using the Nielsen SMS tool suite, a customer profile is developed matching PRIZM Premier segmentation codes to the customer addresses.

Many advertisers also include volumetric variables like amount spent, frequency of buying, type of merchandise purchased, etc. Variables such as these can add tremendous value to the insights that can be revealed from the data.

Essentially marketers agree that while every customer is valuable, not every customer is of equal value.

Our analysis process has proven to help numerous business partners develop successful strategies. Various categories (automotive, furniture, a variety of home improvement categories, appliances, floor coverings) are seeing the benefits of focused customer data: results of campaign strategies and performance metrics. Those metrics can be operational and reveal the type of consumer (based on PRIZM segment).

McClatchy LIFT programmes are successful because we are helping our business partners successfully grow their profits with smart and strategic use of data intelligence.

Looking ahead, data and analysis techniques are always evolving.

A/B testing different creatives, headlines and content are part of our research services that provide added consumer insights, which enable us to begin to build predictive models.

McClatchy predicts that data-driven marketing will continue to gain importance over the next five years.
McClatchy predicts that data-driven marketing will continue to gain importance over the next five years.

The McClatchy LIFT analysis enables our sales representatives to truly play a consultative role as they help businesses focus on understanding how their customers/consumers are spending time and money.

For many of our business clients, it is invaluable to have a partnership with McClatchy lift:

“We viewed [newspapers] as a dying medium — you brought no value to us. Now, our perception of your company has changed and we see real value in the data you provided. And even more value with the unique targeting capabilities you offer us to reach new customers.”

“WE WERE DONE. We had moved on to your competitors. We had no idea you had this kind of data or ability to help us drive a complete campaign strategy.”

“This is the best and most data we have ever seen on our company. We will be able to use this for years. It really seems to be unbiased as well.”

“Absolutely loved the results of the [McClatchy LIFT] analysis. It helped ... gauge the right ZIP codes to target customers with both print and digital.”

“We thought we understood who our customer was, but this data took our thoughts to an entirely higher level of understanding.”

Looking ahead, data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual is one of the most exciting opportunities in 2016 and will only become more important in the future.

Data-driven processes are here to stay, but also rapidly evolving. Now the challenge, and the opportunity, is to evolve with it and keep pace.

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