Andiara Petterle has seen a lot of change at Grupo RBS since its various and separate departments merged into one. Speaking at the INMA Media Subscriptions Summit in Stockholm earlier this year, Petterle discussed how the company’s managerial structure has changed since the merger.

“We are integrating the sales team,” explained Petterle, executive vice president of product and operations. “They used to sell just television, or just radio, or just newspapers.” Now, however, the sales team is selling an integrated product of all these Grupo RBS offerings, rather than single, separate product lines.

This has also affected marketing, Petterle said: “This changed a lot, because we really became a consumer-centric company, which is very hard usually for a media group.”

Marketing now heads everything, she added.

“The newsrooms are all partnering with their marketing business managers to decide things together. This was a major change. We are moving through a model that is going to be very agile.”

The entire culture at Grupo RBS is now very different because of these changes: “We are not talking about departments ... we are talking about squads.”