La Nación’s Saturday supplement lures readers, premium advertisers with “life decision” content

Saturday is a day to relax, a day when people do as they please, enjoying time with friends and family. Saturday also has the second highest newspaper circulation of the week, and that’s why almost all advertisers in Saturday’s newspaper are retailers, such as supermarkets, appliance stores, and shopping centers. 

These retailers attempt to persuade people to go shopping and take advantage of special offers available on this one day of the week when they have extra time to go shopping. 

While retail advertisers take up real estate in Saturday’s newspaper, this led many premium advertisers — automotive companies, banks, credit cards, wines, and hotels — to feel like Saturday’s newspaper was not the best place to put their brands and products, even though there is a high circulation and a premium audience for these products and services.

At La Nación, we wanted to offer these companies something different where they could showcase their brands in a way where they weren’t crowded out by retail advertisers or overshadowed by middle-of-the-week breaking news.

 The solution to this problem also had to be unique and relevant in a way that addressed our audience’s personal interests as well. 

And so “Sábado” was born. 

This new supplement for Saturday’s newspaper, also called “Saturday” (Sábado in Spanish), focused on people with different and inspiring stories and experiences, based on the mood of that day. This was our twist from “life style” to “life decisions.”

The supplement, found only in Saturday’s newspaper, has approximately 20 pages. There are articles related to family, entertainment, trends, education, relationships, and other similar topics. There are also stories that help people think about lifestyle choices, help them discover new life experiences, and spotlight entrepreneurs and other inspiring people. 

Our campaign was designed to make people aware of this print supplement. While we also wanted to attract advertisers, our messaging was directed toward readers. We wanted to show that Saturday is a day completely different from the rest of the week, as are the Saturday newspaper and the new supplement.

To do so, we created a concept designed to transmit the “Saturday mood” (happiness, joy, free time, pleasure, relaxation), and the whole campaign (print, outdoor, radio, online) was based on experiencing this mood through personal experiences.

We wanted to convey this message: “There are days and there are Saturdays. All you like to read in a supplement that looks more like you and less like a supplement.”

The campaign showed situations that reflected the content of Sábado, such as athletic events, cooking, socialising with friends, new technology and trends. For example, one of the ads said: 

“Sometimes, there are things you read that can make your weekend better. For example, to read an article and find out that last year 400,000 people participated in marathons and know that without you, it wouldn’t have been so good because there would have been only 399,999 participants.

“Sábado. There are days and there are Saturdays. 

“All you like to read in a supplement that looks more like you and less like a supplement.

To help promote the concept behind Sábado on Facebook, we presented some not-so-happy situations to generate anxiety and garner excitement for the Saturday — the best day of the week and the best supplement — to come. 

The results of our campaign show that 80% of advertisers considered Sábado as an opportunity to display their brands and products. More than 80% of the reader audience is satisfied with Sábado, and more than 50% feel very satisfied.

Though all newspapers have supplements on topics such as tourism, the economy, etc., Sábado is only available from La Nación, and there are no other similar products. We have found that Sábado’s readership is 30% above the average of other supplements, and it represented 20% of Saturday’s total advertising income within its first year.

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