Jang Media grows ad revenues in difficult market with advertising app

Jang Media mobile and desktop advertising tool that provides advertising strategies for media companies.
Jang Media mobile and desktop advertising tool that provides advertising strategies for media companies.

In the course of 24 hours, nearly 35 million Pakistani consumers read, watch, listen, or browse a brand owned by the Jang Media Group. Jang Group enjoys 50% of total readership in Pakistan and total advertising revenues of the group account for almost 34% of total ad spend in Pakistan.

The Group is now the largest and the fastest growing media group in Pakistan with a diversified portfolio of media properties. With eight newspapers, two weekly magazines, five TV channels, and number of digital properties, Jang Media Group is by far the largest and the leading media conglomerate in the country. 

And it does not stop there. Jang Media Group knows what it takes to keep its audience and readers engaged – innovation. It is after all the soul of every field.

For this purpose, Jang Media Group keeps adding new properties to its portfolio that are reader friendly and user friendly. This innovation is not restricted to the content and layouts but targets advertisers and their requirements, too. It is for these advertisers that media has expanded leaps and bounds and is in reach of everyone living in any part of the world. 

The world of advertising is constantly changing, and the demands and dynamics are evolving with time. We realise advertisers want customised marketing and promotion for their brands and products. Jang Media Group focuses on providing client-specific advertising packages offering print and digital properties. 

Now clients can build their advertising campaigns around their audiences. They can calculate cost, reach, and efficiency across print, online, and mobile platforms using our new mobile and desktop tool, Jang Solutions

Launched in November 2014, Jang Solutions’ primary objective is to provide a mobile and desktop solution to planners and buyers in the advertising industry. The app lets them calculate cost, reach and efficiency of their advertising investments across print, digital and mobile platforms of the group, enabling them to make well-informed decisions while designing campaigns. 

The secondary objective is for our sales team to use this app as a source of calculating cost, reach, and efficiency across assets. 

It is primarily because of the Jang Solutions app that our advertising revenues showed 4% growth in December last year over November in an otherwise static market. This trend has been continuing since then.

We have had 1,103 app downloads on IOS and 732 downloads on Android. For perspective, this app is only directed at advertising and media agency professionals and is benefitting them a great deal in finalising their media plan while organising campaigns. 

Jang Solutions is the one stop for all advertising queries and practices. You get the biggest and most effective media plan with just a click on your phone or your computers. Life couldn’t be simpler for advertisers and media buyers.  

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