Jagran’s new HerZindagi.com targets Indian women 30+

By Nikita Bhalla

Jagran New Media/HerZindagi.com

New Delhi, India


Coming from an English media background, having fed on elitism in one form or the other, and with society predisposing English as the preferred language, I have learned to face it: Linguistic stereotypes know no bounds in the media industry, even today.

On this note, we intend to bring a breath of fresh air with our latest endeavour, HerZindagi.com, a Hinglish (blend of Hindi and English) women’s Web site published under Jagran New Media, digital wing of the illustrious Dainik Jagran Group.

Thus far 30% of our online readers are women, and our new venture aims to produce the right kind of content to attract the other 70% when they arrive, with a focus on women over 30.

As editor of HerZindagi, I look to challenge the established stereotypes and to create an idyllic marriage of Hindi and English.

HerZindagi.com aims to attract women readers age 30 and up with a slightly edgy, stereotype-busting mix of content penned in Hinglish.
HerZindagi.com aims to attract women readers age 30 and up with a slightly edgy, stereotype-busting mix of content penned in Hinglish.

What should this linguistic blending accomplish? The answer is simple: unadulterated and genuine dialogues that come across as new and fresh, despite being in a country that primarily speaks one language, while being rooted in another.

One thing I was already clear about, before my stint here as part of the Hindi media revolution, was the fact that storytelling is the key. Language is just a channel. What better way to share stories than in our own mother tongue?

Our Web site is the home of ideas that enable women to grow like never before. Be it a thirtysomething mom–to–be, or a 45–year–old newlywed bride, our readers are smart, confident, highly spirited, and stylish! (Yes, we do believe every woman can win with both beauty and brains.)

Her Zindagi is a wholesome destination for today’s women, where we intend to serve them with all they deserve: content that is instant, clear, tasteful, and, might we add, addictive.

To top it all, sincere and verified content is our go-to mantra, be it in the form of text or multi-media. From easy beauty hacks to quick recipes, it’s like they have their own online best friend.

Moreover, with our quirky yet sensitive design and an all-encompassing content ideology, I’m convinced that women will no longer have to seek information from umpteen other sources to grow socially.

A big shout out to the leadership at Jagran New Media for letting us scale this learning curve. The extended and un-ending support from my team was the driving force behind this idea turning into a reality.

I’m delighted to announce and introduce our new venture to you all. Hope you have a happy read and see you every day. #BeSmart until next time!

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