The INMA Data Insights Conference will be held in Chicago Oct. 1-2. We will learn from experts inside and outside the publishing industry about how to leverage data insights into more impactful content, more engaged audiences, and more revenue.

Three mores are worth a quick flight to Chicago, don’t you think?

Heading into the INMA conference, we will all likely have our perspectives on how to build a data-driven enterprise. The data insights process can be very simple, and, clearly, success is in the details.

Details are important if we want to create that renewing engine of data-driven content, engagement, and revenue … more, more, more.

For example:

  • Don’t develop the process out of order. The order is critical to ensure money and effort are well invested. Designing the strategy without the experts or selecting the system before bringing on the team or outlining the goals are fools’ errands.

  • What do we mean by hiring an analytics team? Is it possible to turn a tenured data analyst into a digital dynamo? Or do we have to upgrade talent with digital natives? Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks, or do we need a kennel of puppies?

Stay tuned. I’ll share the experts’ insights and data development details next week.