INM’s Programmatic Plus takes advertising to the next level

By Brian Sheehan

Independent News & Media

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland


Independent News & Media is the largest news publisher in the Irish market. Since being purchased by Mediahaus in 2019, our company has placed innovation, customer satisfaction, and creativity at the heart of everything we do.

INM’s strong advertising team routinely partners with clients to deliver highly effective campaigns that connect brands to engaged audiences and drive revenue. But we knew that if we put our heads together and used both the talent and technology at our disposal, we could create an even better advertising product that would take our offering to the next level.

Introducing Programmatic Plus

In 2020, the Digital Innovation and Strategy Team identified an unmet need in the market that, if correctly addressed, could unlock significant revenue growth opportunities for INM. We quickly realised there was client demand for more tightly targeted, high-performing, and measurable programmatic campaigns. 

Programmatic Plus helps level the playing field against Big Tech advertising.
Programmatic Plus helps level the playing field against Big Tech advertising.

So, in response, we worked hard to develop a market-leading proprietary product, Programmatic Plus, which delivers sophisticated targeting, strong performance, and insightful and actionable post-campaign analysis.

The appeal of Programmatic Plus is clear: It allows us to offer the highest viewability in the market, provide unique targeting opportunities, create collaborative partnerships with INM’s best-in-class digital innovation team, and send our clients unrivalled post-campaign reports.

Not only can Programmatic Plus provide insight on impressions or clicks, but it can also paint a detailed picture of who is engaging with the ads and provide greater context around what a chosen audience wants and likes. It can provide invaluable metrics to measure what matters: a campaign’s ability to boost conversions or brand affinity and the correlation between investment, impact, and results.

Reaping the revenue rewards

We are proud to say that Programmatic Plus is already exceeding market expectations with its robust targeting, unparalleled transparency, and actionable post-campaign analysis (PCA). Measuring programmatic return on investment and the effective delivery of campaign goals hasn’t always been easy for advertisers or marketers, but we hope to change that.

Our new offering promises to be a game-changer for marketing managers coming under increased pressure to deliver measurable success on programmatic advertising, generate audience insights for brands, and demonstrate ROI on campaign spends. For brands, it’s also a chance to gain a significant edge on their competition and to develop campaign data that can boost revenue and provide deep insight into customer behaviour.

Thanks to Programmatic Plus, RPM more than doubled in just three months.
Thanks to Programmatic Plus, RPM more than doubled in just three months.

We simply couldn’t run Programmatic Plus without our amazing digital innovation team, which comprises industry experts across ad ops, digital creative, and insights who have worked with leading international brands and publishers. This experienced pool of specialists works in collaborative partnership with clients to build bespoke programmatic options and audiences based on a specific campaign brief.

We work closely with brands and agencies to respond to briefs, solve problems, connect them with a chosen audience, create audience segments, provide sophisticated targeting, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their investment. Some of our clients to date include Renault, Lidl, and Sky and it has had a significant impact on driving new business.

The development of Programmatic Plus, coupled with our expert knowledge and impressive brand recognition, will now allow INM to compete with the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn for data-driven campaigns, giving us a major advantage over other Irish publishers and creating new advertising opportunities and revenue streams.

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