How Grupo Paranaense de Comunicação monetises content value

By Milena Seabra

We live in a world of constant change where different consumers are affected by different brands in different ways. They have increasing power to choose, based on perceived value, from among many choices. 

In this new era, the digital revolution has given consumers access to increasing quantities of information, but they may question the value of paying it. Many people expect to get everything for free — information, products, services, and entertainment, among other things.

But everybody knows “free” does not exist -- someone is paying to develop serious, high-quality, trustworthy content. There is no quality content development without the proper talent and investment.

Since this topic intertwines more and more into news media business models and the industry’s sustainability, it has begun discussing how to “monetise the value“ of the information we produce.

Important newspapers around the world build “value” into their content. These big companies believe that this is the principle way to differentiate themselves, and also to bring valuable information to their consumers daily.

In Brazil, some newspapers already follow this path. They believe that society needs higher quality content and more credibility, and in providing people with a clear and accurate overview of current situations so they can develop informed opinions.

Gazeta do Povo, as well as other newspapers such as Folha de S.Paulo and Zero Hora, are examples of this cultural change. These newspapers are launching platforms where readers are charged for access to specific content.

Meanwhile, other newspapers, including Estado de São Paulo, are also starting to understand that content has value and are applying such business models for their companies as well. 

The newspaper industry is beginning to understand that producing Internet content based only on advertising income does not pay. Therefore, it is implementing the paywall model — allowing free access to some content on a per-article/per-month basis, with unrestricted access available only to subscribers. 

Increasingly, consumers want to feel that they get something of value, to be part of a special group, and to be well served. Consumers will only accept a paywall model if they see advantages to our Web content, and recognise its value.

The media industry is aware of the size of the challenge and the change in the consumer’s mindset. We know it requires a major transformation of culture and internal processes, and most importantly, a new way of thinking about consumer engagement and involvement.

This is also what we believe at Gazeta do Povo, the largest newspaper in Paraná. Our top priority is the development of quality content for our readers. We have a strong relationship with them, and they have a favourable perception of our newspaper.

To retain their loyalty for the long-term, we must understand their behavioral profiles and invest in partnership and differentiation.

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