Hindu’s #ForTheLoveOfPrint campaign boosts digital engagement

By Dr. Sathya Sriram

The Hindu Group

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

To this day, readers still cut out favourite print news articles, photographs, or intriguing travel destinations — because print carries an allure like no other. Even in our digital age, readers are drawn to reading and deeply engaging with print.

The Hindu’s #ForTheLoveOfPrint campaign is a salute to the people who tirelessly put together the print product, and the underlying passion that drives their commitment to serve readers daily.

For 140 years, The Hindu has been a nationally acclaimed newspaper circulated in India, and it has always been synonymous with being “pioneers in print.” It was born in 1878 to represent the voice of native Indians in response to colonial rule. A dedication to credible journalism, at all costs, continues to be its driving force.

The #ForTheLoveofPrint campaign revealed the dedication and passion that goes into making the daily print product by highlighting each individual's role.
The #ForTheLoveofPrint campaign revealed the dedication and passion that goes into making the daily print product by highlighting each individual's role.

With this unwavering commitment, we have earned trust with readers, advertisers, and delivery vendors. Through the campaign #ForTheLoveOfPrint, we sought to reinforce the underlying emotions that print media continues to evoke during a time when many question the relevance of the printed word.

The campaign explored what motivates the people who come together daily to ensure the newspaper reaches the reader. A primary aim was to detail the many capabilities required to educate the new generation of readers, as well as to invoke a sense of pride among those who work in the print media industry.

This wasn’t just a marketing campaign. It was also a quest to understand and communicate what goes behind our product every day, what motivates the people behind it, and how it is different from other media. The digital campaign was supported by targeted print ads and memorabilia/merchandise that enhanced the overall impact.

Newspapers continue to provide in-depth information and analysis. From reporters to editors to typesetters to the last-mile delivery person, every individual plays a vital role. We created a video tribute to those individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. For them, this is more than just a job — it is their calling. Their love of print has been breathing life into the newspaper for 140 years.

We packaged communication about this campaign with a sense of nostalgia and emotion toward paper and ink. This creative concept helped the campaign go viral with the new-age, digital-loving audience.

The results were impressive:

  • Digital reach: 8,421,253.
  • Video views: 4,837,651.
  • Online engagement: 179,232.
  • Shares: 2,645.

The video also was played across industry forums and meets, and garnered positive reviews and standing ovations. The objective of the campaign with a target audience based on research and need was met successfully.

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