Hanza Media reinvents print with the GG Pop Up Paper

By Srđan Sandić

Hanza Media/Gloria Glam/GG Pop Up Paper

Zagreb, Croatia


In times when we are facing a prevailing trend of printed publications shutting down, Hanza Media launched a new format in which we offer lifestyle content delivered originally and differently. GG Pop Up Paper is a lifestyle newspaper printed on 100% recycled paper.

On one hand, the nostalgic design reminds readers of the times when newspapers were unavoidable in everyday life; on the other hand, the design is modern and innovative when it comes to the production of photographs and content.

Bored with the standard, conservative journalistic approach, we decided to re-form, re-brand, and re-think the whole idea of “what the public wants.” Moreover, we made completely new moves in the concept of being “contemporary” from the media point of view.

The GG Pop Up Paper embraces slow journalism and is intent on making print cool again.
The GG Pop Up Paper embraces slow journalism and is intent on making print cool again.

By revitalising the print magazine, we made a fashionable and utterly cool switch. Our magazine is very Instagram-ish, noble, and strong, but at the same time inspired by some impressive indie mags. We desired to present cutting-edge fashion, music, opinions, science, business, tech, and culture. And so we did precisely that.

Reinventing print

GG Pop Up Paper is about 30 pages of custom content with a graphic solution that focuses on one topic, one brand. Content is created for a specific client, and the product is placed in its natural environment. Its focus is on native and authorial articles and columns, with striking photographic editorials, all signed by the best inventive minds of the Croatian media scene.

We all know that the traditional and Web-based media platforms most of the time chase only clicks, so we believe a host of fresh and fascinating publications are taking a slower and more measured approach. We are offering compelling long-form storytelling since we noticed people want that sort of media product. They don’t feel betrayed; in fact, they feel rewarded in many ways.

Knowing and acknowledging what we, as creators, want and need, we have decided to create our dream product, one that we would like to see. We believe we are thinking/writing out-of-the-box, offering design and niche content topics.

Embracing slow journalism

The only relevant question is where to begin your journey into the world of slow journalism. Printed magazines have become valuable (again!), mostly because they give us a wider perspective on many topics. On a certain level, they give us the time to enjoy reading.

Slow journalism is all about our fragile human time on earth. Slow journalism doesn’t want to be disturbed by aggressive commercials, fake titles that are baiting us, or arrogant and ignorant photography that doesn’t correspond with the text. We wanted our magazine to be something you will love to revisit. Something you would love to have on your table, shelves, beds, chairs, or in your tote bags.

GG Pop Up Paper is very much a self-aware project that understands all the aspects of media life, and that one magazine must/should live in these sometimes hard social, political, and economic situations.

We printed four editions within the first six months, all in collaboration with prominent partner brands — Eucerin, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Garderoba Concept Store, Henkel — which were both local and global. Each edition was an exclusive collaboration with one client that covers one single topic related to the client’s brand. There are no ads in the magazine — the magazine itself is the ad — an old-fashioned one, but still interactive.

We are a customised niche product that doesn’t look or feel like an advertorial; nevertheless, we became a state-of-the-art handout — something to show off to colleagues and clients.

We assure visibility in a week-long media campaign and a two-week presence in selected newsstands — an example of successful cross-promotion.

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