Grupo RBS video series makes investment approachable, engaging

By Paula Felps


Nashville, Tennessee, USA


The world of investing can seem complicated and risky. So when a new platform challenges what people traditionally think of investment, it can be met with skepticism and reluctance. When Warren — a new digital investment platform that delivers portfolios in a new, transparent way — wanted to increase brand awareness, the company turned to Grupo RBS in Brazil.

Grupo RBS 60-year track record of credibility among a large part of the population of the South of Brazil made it an appealing partner, but so did its reach across so many platforms: radio, television, newspapers, digital content, experiences, and events. Just as Warren takes a non-traditional approach to investing, the company knew its campaign would need to take a non-traditional approach to reaching their target audience. And Grupo RBS was able to provide that.

To emphasise just how different Warren’s approach is, Grupo RBS created an exclusive video series that showcased the company’s unique approach.

Online and on the air

The video series, Promentendo Mundos e Fundos (Promising Worlds and Investment Funds), was shared through Grupo RBS' main online channel, GaúchaZH, and was also available on two radio stations — Atlântida and Gaúcha. Bringing in Brazilian journalist Luciano Potter as its anchor, the video used Warren's content presented in a fresh format to explain the products and services offered by the company. 

With this Web series, listeners were encouraged to change the way they use their money: investing instead of saving.

Potter, a journalist who works in both entertainment and news areas and has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, was able to approach formal matters such as investments in a more relaxed way, targeting the younger audience. He also brought the built-in benefit of having the trust of his followers, which meant they would possibly be more trusting in the information and, therefore, more willing to listen.

Rather than positioning Potter as an expert, he was shown learning about investment and discussing it with Warren, as well as with market professionals and financial journalists, letting the audience join him on this discovery journey. Using different formats, the programme spoke about investment in a simple way, addressing the main doubts, concerns, and issues to encourage the public to invest with Warren.

Instead of positioning host Luciano Potter as an expert, viewers were able to learn alongside him.
Instead of positioning host Luciano Potter as an expert, viewers were able to learn alongside him.

The series was divided into two seasons, bringing the experience of new investors of the platform as content. To intensify the reach of Warrens content to the public, radio spots were also produced containing quick investment tips that were broadcasted by both radio outlets (Atlântida and Gaúcha). This solution created an organic way to advertise Warren to its target market.

Having a digital influencer as an ambassador and using Grupo RBS channels, it quickly established confidence and trust within the target audience.

Reaching the audience

While investment topics may not always receive heavy traffic, the unique presentation served this topic well. It gave Warren an organic, friendly way to reach its target market. And by using a well-liked digital influencer as an ambassador, it also immediately established trust and confidence within the target audience.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. The videos had more than 10,000 views and reached an additional 35,000 people through Potter’s widely followed social networks. In all, the project ended up reaching more than 50,000 individuals.

 A condensed version of this case study appears in INMA’s September 2020 report Why Branded Content Fits This Advertising Moment, free to INMA members.

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