El Observador addresses gender inequities with podcast, subscription offer

By Fernanda Ariceta

El Observador

Montevideo, Uruguay


At El Observador, we perceive journalism as powerful tool for strengthening democracies. That’s where our mission started.

We believe journalism has the power to contribute to reduce social inequalities through information. One of this inequalities is the gender pay gap. According to the global study “Equal Pay Day,” Uruguay has a gender pay gap of 23.2% in favour of men. This means women work 91 days a year for free.

We saw this reality as an opportunity to be innovative and develop RompeCristales (Glassbreakers), a subscription plan that benefits women at a price 23.2% lower than the usual subscription rate. We also produced a podcast with relevant information to help reduce inequalities, hosted by two of our female editors.

The facts of inequalities

We put our effort in making a difference leveraging what we do best: communicating facts and relevant content and information.

RompeCristales is both a podcast series and a special subscription plan.
RompeCristales is both a podcast series and a special subscription plan.

As the RompeCristales process started, we developed a podcast format that combines theory, life experiences, and a recording schedule that integrated news, solutions, data, and content.

Our hosts were two of our female editors, Gabriela Malvasio and Carina Novarese. 

Then we divided the potential sources of that gender gap into parts: from life/work balance to salary negotiation. We invited relevant local personalities to discuss the information through their experience, leveraging their knowledge and followers base as well.

The project had so much repercussion right from the start that even the first elected female vice president of Uruguay, Beatriz Argimón, was interviewed in the podcast. She talked about her plans to reach political equality and the importance of women in public positions. She came in to record the podcast just a week before taking office.

Team members during a RompeCristales podcast recording.
Team members during a RompeCristales podcast recording.

The project keeps expanding as other relevant business, political, and cultural leaders join in, and the impact goes beyond reproductions and readership. The platform transformed itself into a place where women feel empowered and informed.

Podcast boosts subscriptions

The podcast series success was followed by a great demand in the subscription scheme. Since we launched RompeCristales, women subscribed significantly more than before, as they felt connected to this reality and the proposal to close the pay gap.

And most important of all, Uruguayan women now have a place to discuss, learn, and be better informed than ever.

That’s the power of journalism to reduce gender inequality.

Banner image courtesy of Matt Botsford on Unsplash.

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