El Espectador campaign engages readers on national peace-building initiatives

By Elva Lucía Daza Avendaño

El Espectador

Bogota, D.C., Cundinamarca, Colombia

Colombia2020 is an educational and journalistic campaign by established newspaper El Espectador that brings visibility to the country’s territories and their peace-building initiatives with a platform for social awareness information and dialogue.

The campaign is focused on results in three main areas: education, production of information, and dialogue for social mobilisation. The purpose is to reach new communities and audiences seeking information on the Colombian conflict and on the progress of peace agreements. 

Colombia2020 was created to reach a new audience seeking information on the progress of peace agreements in the country.
Colombia2020 was created to reach a new audience seeking information on the progress of peace agreements in the country.

These audiences include rural and urban, entrepreneurs, associations, governmental and non-governmental organisations, educators, students, opinion formers, and decision makers.

The collaboration of national and international organisations provides an important amount of funding for campaign activities and the support of a team of 20 permanent project staff. It generates employment and the payment of any internal costs incurred by the organisation, making it self-sustaining.

Its content and activities have been framed in the before, during, and after agreements with groups outside the law in Colombia, with emphasis on the territories and with broad participation of the communities to hear and give voice to sectors of rural and urban society that have been marginalised.

Campaign information is disseminated through print media, in dialogue spaces, printed and digital educational material, and an information portal. This is the first and only specialised and dedicated media coverage of these topics.

El Espectador, thanks to its history and brand values, has engaged its audiences through Colombia2020, offering them credible, unique, and specialised information. Colombia2020 has become a repository of information for future generations and a reference for other media for the work done from the territories, listening and making visible the places to which nobody else has come, thanks to the support of organisations such as UNHCR, UNDP, the European Union, and the German Embassy that have become permanent partners and allies.

Colombia2020 has brought together El Espectador along with Caracol TV and Blu Radio, both part of the Caracol Group, which together allow the highest national audience penetration. The synergy achieved with the media group allows us to optimise resources and offer a relationship of benefit with an unattainable cost in the market in case of wanting to be replicated.

This synergy reaches different target audiences, serving as a platform of comprehensive media in different formats. It creates a communication campaign with national and international coverage and with a reach of the message permanently and constantly, maximising investment for the project. 

This campaign was created as a contribution to the country and the community in general; however, through this strategy it also generates a contribution for the organisation itself and for the allies that are part of it. It has led to alliances of national organisations and international funding for the development of activities, recruitment, and support of a human team that supports the project and the sustainability of its execution.

The return for the allies that are part of this campaign is reflected in the recognition for being part of a social campaign that allows them to make visible their work and contribution to the country.

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