Ekstra Bladet finds success with digital advertising partners

By Anders Ovesen

Ekstra Bladet, is a media-providing company with more than 100 years of history. Part of that history now is how we work with digital strategies.

Here are three commercial approaches to clarify how we do this:  

1. Reebok: Getting start without an actual mobile site developed. 

Reebok chose to use rich media/HTLM5 on our platform, without the user actually leaving Ekstrabladet.dk. We developed the creative together with Reebok’s creative agency, Isobar (part of Aegis/Carat).

We used a corporate video and location-based technology for this creative, showing a 360-degree visualisation of the sneakers being “sucked” up into the top banner, in combination with a store locator and interaction with the product through the 360 swipe, plus, of course, the video stream.

The campaign (including an eye-track test) was agreed up front as a fixed price campaign to secure satisfaction from all partners involved. The four-day campaign included the takeover of the floating top banner, 3.56 million impressions, more views and expands than expected, and a satisfying number of users vs. interactions.

2. The Danish National Lottery: a commercial partnership.

We used the mobile platform as an integrated part of the Danish National Lottery’s overall digital strategy across the media landscape. We came up with a solution that enables the media agency to dynamically change the creative directly on our Web site.

In addition, we combined rich media, dominating, eye-catching banner formats in weeks with a big pull. We analysed the campaign by using eye-tracking technology and optimised our learnings from this test. 

A partnership contract for 2013 has been agreed upon — the biggest mobile contract committed this year.

3. Cloud Chamber: an online mystery, developed by two Danish guys, soon to be launched in a commercial/editorial partnership with Ekstra Bladet and a sponsor.

The Cloud Chamber campaign represents a new way of engaging online users by combining video, music, 3-D universes, and gamification in a social connected platform. The film is in English with subtitles, aiming across Danish borders.

The story short:

  • After a five-minute feature film introduction to each level, users enter a strange and mysterious 3-D media landscape.

  • The mystery tells the story of a young woman who has some kind of contact with her mother (who passed away long time ago), but we don’t know how or why. The mystery asks more questions than it gives you answers, and that is the idea: to find out what happened on your own.

  • The story goes in various directions (depending on your own findings) through the use of video journals, documentary clips from the ESA (European Space Agency), fictional diaries, e-mails, maps, and connection in hundreds of social forums, etc.

  • The first production is desktop-based, and the next step will be tablet and mobile. The project has received funding from the Danish Film Institute. This is the first time in Danish history a project of this nature has received film funding. Actors include some of the best, nationwide and internationally.

  • Apart from the partnership with Ekstrabladet.dk, a commercial partnership with a large enterprise is being negotiated.

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