Danish Publisher Network increases revenue with digital recruitment product

By Martin Jensen

As Denmark’s No. 1 job search site, Jobzonen generates a lot of very high-value data about its users. Identifying job seekers for hard-to-fill position like senior leadership, engineering, and finance is a constant requirement for Jobzonen and its recruitment advertisers. 

Jobzonen is an offshoot of Danish Publisher Network, a consortium of 11 leading publishers in Denmark. The initiative is designed to get classifieds ads into digital display marketing by using digital signal processing (DSP) for audience extension. 

Jobzonen transitioned in 2013 from a classic job board to a company that wanted to conquer the technological agenda in the Danish job market with a focus on relevance, mobile recruitment, and use of Big Data. As part of the largest media house in Denmark (P/Politikens Hus or JPPOL), Jobzonen has access to the country’s biggest job audience and thereby largest amount of data.

Simultaneously, DPN was establishing itself as a subsidiary of JPPOL, focused on building the best and largest real-time bidding (RTB) network in combination with data management for managing ad segments. 

Recruitment advertisers who post jobs and advertise on Jobzonen were constantly looking for better and smarter ways to find high-value job seekers. Using the power of first-party data collected and managed via the Krux platform, Jobzonen created specific media packages that helped find job seekers in 20+ job categories.

Jobzonen offered these advertisers media packages for specific jobs with highly targeted and precise media impressions to help attract relevant job seekers to their postings. 

Using the power of first-party data-driven advertising, Jobzonen has created a new ad product called “Track and Trace,” a joint venture between DPN and Jobzonen. It’s tagline reads: “Let the job find the candidate, not the other way.” The product has resulted in.

  • New data-led media packages created for 20+ job categories.

  • 130 media campaigns to 50 clients sold in the last three months.

  • 20 new and major customers acquired via this product, resulting in new ad revenue.

  • High customer satisfaction as evidenced by more than a 70% retention rate.

  • Increased media monetisation for all the 11 members of the Danish Publisher Network via programmatic targeting of these high-value job seekers across their properties. 

The idea behind Track and Trace was two-fold: 

  1. For the benefit of advertisers, who will experience a much more effective campaign with minimal waste of impressions to non-relevant people through a much more precise target audience.

  2. For the benefit of the audience that will be presented to relevant job opportunities and not being disturb by banners. 

DPN, which brings the largest media network and the technical facilities necessary to executive the campaigns, is responsible for advising on the data structure, segment structure, and daily sparring partner on the development of Track and Trace. 

Along the way, here are some lessons learned: 

The technical design of data segments is critical. The construction of segment data should be seen as an important investment for advertisers to see value and appropriate response to the campaigns. Do not underestimate this part of the work of building up the concept. This is actually what gives customers value for their investment.

The segments must not be too small nor too large. The combination of being able to supply the quantity of exposures and ensure a relevant audience who respond to the campaign is extremely important. Jobzonen has continuously adjusted the segments to find that balance.

Communication with the advertisers should be simple and clear. We have not been challenged in the detailed technical part of the concept — and we were too technical in the beginning when Jobzonen presented the concept to customers.

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