Procter & Gamble came to Corelio, looking for an advertising partner for its Oral-B, the leading brand in value share in the Belgian power oral care category with a 95% market share.

Procter & Gamble introduced Oral-B into the Belgian market in January of 2009, yet only 20% of Belgian households use power oral care.

Procter & Gamble’s campaign objectives were to generate a trial of the Oral-B toothpaste, and to grow the power brush market, converting 80% of households from manual toothbrushes to power toothbrushes.

The campaign sought to educate, convince, and activate consumers:

  • Educate: The campaign centered on Corelio’s newspaper Het Nieuwsblad and its Web site,, as well on a branding campaign on television. To educate the Belgian population on the benefits of power brushing, Corelio created advertorials for the newspaper and the Web site, and enticed readers with online teasers.

  • Convince: Corelio created an online survey on Flemish oral hygiene for the newspaper and the Web site. In all, 2,933 participated in the survey. Once the survey results were processed, 200 participants were selected to test Oral-B’s electronic toothbrush. An e-mail confirmation was sent to members of this group. Then, a toothbrush and cover letter were sent to them.

    After the trial period, testers were asked to report their findings. After the trial period, the results were processed and published as testimonials via the newspaper and Web site.

  • Activate: In the activation phase, Corelio created a “Good Resolutions” campaign, encouraging good resolutions for the new year. Additional advertisements were published in this contest in the newspaper and on the Web site.

    Also, during this phase, a savings campaign allowed Het Nieuwsblad readers to obtain a 30% discount on an Oral-B electonic toothbrush via the newspaper or Web site.

In general, the campaign was a success in its business objectives. The campaign:

  • Built credibility and relevance for Oral-B electronic toothbrushes to drive conversion from manual power to power brushing.

  • Built awareness, credibility, and a trial of Oral-B toothpaste.

  • Led to a credibility claim via the panel tests (88% of the Belgian population thinks electric brushing is fantastic).

  • Helped Oral-B, as a brand, to position itself even more strongly as the expert in oral hygiene.

  • Added to Oral-B market penetration and helped increase the market share of Oral-B toothpaste.

  • Succeeded in changing readers’ perceptions with regard to electronic toothbrushes.

Breaking it down statistically:

  • More than 50% of readers questioned notices or read the advertorial content.

  • 2,933 people participated in the online survey.

  • 10,401 unique users visited the online savings campaign.

  • 34,340 unique users visited the mini Web site.