Corelio’s Bacardi-Martini campaign shows brand activation works

By Mark Daemen

Terrace weather is cocktail weather. When summer starts, everyone feels like a mojito, cuba libre, or daiquiri. Everyone loves cocktails, but few people make them because they don’t have the right recipes.

And so, together with Bacardi-Martini, Corelio Connect has put together a quick and easy appendix on cocktails. In the heart of our lifestyle magazine, Het Nieuwsblad Magazine, we have included a four-page special on Bacardi-Martini cocktails.

Each summer, Het Nieuwsblad Magazine brings out a special edition with the addresses of the most pleasant bars, terraces, and restaurants.This was the ideal editorial context in which to publish an appendix on cocktails.

The special was published once, yet surveys suggest that these sorts of specials have a longer lifespan. Readers use the summer guides for the entire summer.

We informed our readers first and foremost about the various liquors and how to mix them. Then, we assured them that making cocktails really is easy. Thanks to some simple recipes and some basic tips and tricks, we encouraged readers to give it a try themselves and prepare the most delicious cocktails.

Our readers from Het Nieuwsblad Magazine become brand lovers and Bacardi-Martini ambassadors ever so easily.

With the Bacardi-Martini campaign, we not only managed to grab readers’ attention, but we’ve also got their involvement:

  • High likeability: 62% of readers rate the campaign 7 or more on a scale from 0 (don’t like the ad) to 10 (excellent ad).
  • High useful scores: Recognition by 71% of readers; attribution by 82%. 
  • High scores on items: Specifically, high scores on “draws the attention,” “makes me feel good,” “makes me want to talk about,” “is original,” and “is informative.”

What we’ve learned from this case is: keep it simple. Give your consumers information, tell them how to get started, and, finally, give them a helping hand to encourage them and to turn them into dedicated brand ambassadors.

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