Compelling historical interview content boosts circulation

The idea was a collection of great interviews from the last 150 years — a series quite compatible with print newspapers. Many of the world’s most important newspapers and magazines embraced the concept, created by digital content provider Kontenut

Kontenut not only created the “Great Interviews of History” concept, which can be linked with the core business of any media company, but also curated the content in close cooperation with each of the participating news media company’s newsrooms.

The collection is ordered chronologically, starting with an interview with President Abraham Lincoln in 1965, only two months before he was killed, and ends with an interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2015. 

The content represents a journey through three centuries and portrays famous personalities and time periods in which they lived. The interviews feature figures such as the king of the mafia, the father of psychoanalysis, the Iron Lady, dictators, political leaders, writers, actors, artists, scientists, businessmen, athletes, and many more.

The Great Interviews collection was launched first in Portugal by the quality weekly, Expresso. The promotion performed successfully and was very well received by the readers. The initiative led to the newspaper achieving a circulation increase of 12.4% over the seven weeks of the promotion. In addition, a lot of positive reader feedback was placed on the newspaper´s website, Facebook and Twitter, and so on.

After the promotion in Portugal, the Great Interviews collection was launched with newspapers in Spain, Greece, Serbia, and many Latin American countries with similar success. This collection was ideal for a local adaptation by including interviews with famous personages from the respective market, published by the local newspaper. 

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