Clarín Brand Studio creates better audience targeting for digital advertisers

By Santiago Arieu


Buenos Aires, Argentina


During­ the last few years, weve talked a lot about Big Data, wondering how relevant the news medias first-party data will be in the new cookieless model.

The truth is only a few publications have developed their paywall or signwall for subscribers and have a real understanding of their audience and users.

The consumer journey and media consumption has changed, and the news media is suffering income losses in newspaper and advertising sales as a result. This trend has accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the efforts to save advertising investments with digital platforms have not been enough.

Understanding the data is critical to taking advantage of opportunities in the digital space.
Understanding the data is critical to taking advantage of opportunities in the digital space.

The digital space has become filled with huge players that have bigger shares of advertisers investments. Meanwhile, news media companies often prefer to invest in short-term initiatives (like collectibles or fascicles) where they have the know-how and feel comfortable.

Meeting the demand for digital

It’s time for news media companies to develop the best digital products to save as much of advertisers investments as possible. This includes developing programmatic and personalisation expertise so they can add value to their announcers.

They must develop branded content, cultivate audiences, and identify all the feasible incomes sources in their markets.

Many directors dont see clearly the ROI to develop an audience platform like a signwall, where they can identify the users and their interests. Because of that, they postpone the decision to develop their digital platform. Many data scientists understand a lot of data, but not so many truly understand how to take advantage of data and how to increase the revenues. 

When news media directors analyse the ROI of these platforms to develop their first party data, they have to include paywall incomes, mailing advertising sales, branded content insights, and the branding and performances integrated actions.

With all of this in mind, Clarín is leading the way with our Brand Studio, where we personalise and add value to our announcers.

Today, Brand Studio oversees branded content and audiences with the management of the DMP and the mailing platform, SEO monetisation, events and our streaming platform, and regional ad sales.

All this knowledge about our users aloud us to integrate branding and performance strategies.

The Crossback Case Study

One example of how we monetise data can be seen in our work with the new DS7 Crossback.

First, we created different audience clusters based on their reading behaviors: 

  • Users who read articles about SUVs.
  • Users who read about high-end car models.
  • Users who read about the automotive segment.

Then, we added consumption variables of users who tracked benefits in the automotive segment, such as carwashing, parking, and car accessories.

The DS7 Crossback campaign led to a lasting partnership with DS Automobiles.
The DS7 Crossback campaign led to a lasting partnership with DS Automobiles.

For branding in this instance, we published a branded content piece that talked about the new DS7 Crossback, its features and benefits. At the same time, we ran a display campaign with various assets, optimising them with different audiences.

Then we created a multi-step mailing automation campaign based on the actions carried out by each user:

  • Those who received the e-mail but didn’t open it were sent a new e-mail prompting them to do so.
  • Those who opened the email but did not complete the form were sent a new email with a new call to action.
  • This, in turn, was reinforced again by banners presented to this interested user audience.

As a result, we not only exceeded the number of proposed leads, but these leads converted more than the rest of the other campaigns.

Today, as a result of these successful efforts, we have become a DS Automobiles partner. Through these campaigns we have managed to turn Clarín into a branding and performance platform, where we work on these integrated strategies, positioning ourselves in the market with a unique proposal.

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