Citywide marketing campaign promotes Hindu’s trustworthiness

By Lata Ganapathy

Over the last few years, advertisers, the media fraternity, and, most importantly, newspaper readers have been plagued by a series of claims and counter-claims by various news publications vying for the top slot.

Some of these claims are a blatant subversion of the truth, putting the media fraternity in a spot: They are no longer sure whether they are placing their bets on perception or on reality. 

At this juncture, The Hinduone of India’s most trusted English dailies – felt it was time to replace fiction with facts, and help readers and advertisers make a wise choice.

As a newspaper that firmly believes in the power of justice and truth telling, the “Genuine News, Genuine Readers” campaign is The Hindu’s style of taking responsibility to establish the truth.

The campaign, which The Hindu rolled out recently in its home turf, Chennai, is supported by advertisements with simple, straightforward messages. Each headline has a story to tell: 

“While others chase fickle numbers, we enjoy a loyal following” refers to The Hindu’s obsession with its greatest strength – its dedicated readers.

“Never about revealing. Always about revelations” reiterates the newspaper’s commitment to unexaggerated, credible news.

“While the competition is priced at a deal, The Hindu is bought at a premium” — a clear indicator The Hindu is the choice of genuine readers, and hence, undisputedly the largest circulated English daily in Chennai and in South India. 

With a primary objective of establishing the truth in an arena where claims of figures are rife, the campaign communicates a two-fold message:

  • To advertisers: that The Hindu is interested in genuine readers. 

  • To readers: that The Hindu stands for credible journalism – packaged in the tagline “Genuine News. Genuine Readers.”

The Chennai-specific campaign, which will continue for a month, includes print, digital, and outdoor promotions. 

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