Carreira uses multiple platforms to grow its younger audience

By Stela Campos

Globo Media Group/Valor Econômico/Editoria Carreira

São Paulo, Brazil


Carreira, the career desk of Valor Econômico — Brazil’s largest economics and business newspaper — has gone through a digital transformation to become a true success story. The team developed a strategy of deploying its content on all platforms to expand its reach.

The idea to make Valor grow within a new young audience started with the assumption that the desk covered topics that were attractive to young readers who could become new subscribers. Reaching them required the use of multiple platforms to spread its content and a close look at audience preferences. 

The desk got deep in covering hot topics like diversity, new models of work, and mental health. That enabled Carreira to reach a broader and new young audience with a different approach. For example, developing a quiz about hybrid work that has never been tested before at Valor.  

Carreira, the career desk of Valor Econômico, set out to attract younger users by diversifying both its content and the platforms it used.
Carreira, the career desk of Valor Econômico, set out to attract younger users by diversifying both its content and the platforms it used.

Diversifying platforms to increase reach

For every story the desk produced, we tried to figure out how to adapt the content to different channels. An article for the printed edition sometimes got a spin-off to our online edition in the form of evergreen content or a publication with a new angle from the same story but filled with charts or lists.

Carreira also doubled the creation of exclusive articles for the Web site, studying the best time to publish them during the day. It has also worked closely with our metric team to choose hot topics to produce specific evergreen content for the Web site. 

The desk also brought inspiring and exclusive interviews for the newspaper, like the one with Wharton professor Peter Capelli, Carreira’s most successful story in 2021, in which he discussed some of the negative aspects of remote work. The article had 638,671 pageviews and helped Carreira’s audience level up. 

A weekly podcast called CBN Professional, developed in partnership with CBN, a radio station from Globo Media Group (which also publishes Valor), was added as well. In one year, the podcast interviewed 25 CEOs from large companies in Brazil. Its audience tripled and that helped attract new advertisers to the programme. Each episode from the podcast was transformed into an article for the print edition and for the Web site.

The same process was applied to our broadcast live on YouTube and LinkedIn called RH 4.0. In this case, the focus is interviews with HR executives who talk about the transformations in the labour market. Every live broadcast was also converted into an article for the print and Web edition. 

In addition to this effort to reproduce its content on various platforms, we direct all these stories to LinkedIn. We have reinforced our presence on this professional social media, trying to add an assertive description on each post. Carreira includes the most successful topics on LinkedIn. This social media is the one that brings more new subscribers to Valor. 

Successful combination

The desk is responsible for the content of printed publications, in magazines and in the newspaper, related to some awards granted by Valor like “Executivo de Valor,” “Valor Carreira,” and “Mulheres na Liderança.” Last year, Carreira used LinkedIn’s posts to spread the content of these publications.  

The video interview with management specialist Gary Hammel, conducted for the ceremony of “Executivo de Valor,” became a separate post for our Web site and social media. We also used each profile of the winners produced for the printed edition in separate publications on our Web site and on LinkedIn with catchy headlines, hashtags, and tagging the interviewed executives. This tactic generated reposts from the companies’ top members on their social media profiles. 

Together, these strategies assured that Carreira has content to attract specific audiences in different channels. We appeal to the youngsters with our fresh content on the Web site, to subscribers of Valor with premium interviews and content in our printed editions, to CEOs with our podcast, and to the community of HR with our live streaming interviews and a wide range of professionals with LinkedIn. 

Carreira ended 2021 with a 94% increase in pageviews compared to 2020. In addition, the number of subscription sales from the exclusive content of the desk saw a 171% growth. We were very happy, but we know this is a continuous work that always requires a close look at what our audience is looking for.

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