Brilio Valentine’s Day contest doubles Instagram followers

By Danny Purnomo

Jakarta, DKI, Indonesia


Brilio has emerged as a leader in social content creators for Millennials in the Indonesian market. 

After launching in March 2015, experienced massive growth to 110 million page views by January 2017. Social media was a big part of that journey, as one of our biggest traffic sources and distribution channels.

Social media users love to share their personal activity, usually with photos and selfies. Seeing the popularity of love and romance stories on the site, and knowing that social media posts often incorporate partners, Brilio decided to launch a couple-themed social media activity in advance of Valentine’s Day to increase the site’s traffic and awareness.

We created a 29-Day Couples Challenge that went live in February 2016. The main purpose was to create a successful UGC contest and to increase Brilio’s Instagram following. We also wanted to leverage viral content and activities to create more brand awareness.

The challenge

Participants included both married and unmarried couples, with each couple entering the challenge as a team. Both partners were required to have an active Instagram account to be eligible to enter, and they had to follow Brilio’s Instagram account.

To win a prize, they had to submit 13 challenges or more per team:

  • Four boyfriend challenges.

  • Four girlfriend challenges.

  • Five couple challenges posted to both partners’ accounts.

The 29-Day Couple Challenge set up by Brilio was a huge success for social media and audience engagement.
The 29-Day Couple Challenge set up by Brilio was a huge success for social media and audience engagement.

Every challenge had to be completed in one day; for instance, today’s challenge would expire tomorrow. Each team member posted their contest entries to his or her Instagram accounts, tagging Brilio along with a minimum of five Instagram friends and using specific hashtags such as #Briliodotnet, #TantanganBrilio, #Tantangan29Hari, and #BikinIriDayX. They also had to include a challenge promotion in their captions (in reference to Brilio’s captions) and to regram Brilio’s “buzz promo” material through their personal accounts.

Daily challenges were uploaded through Brilio’s Instagram and on a microsite we set up to keep participants and the audience updated. Participants used their own creative vision and creativity to meet the day-to-day challenges.

Retaining participants

To promote the campaign, Brilio collaborated with content creators and social media influencers. We know that contests or challenges will lose their momentum — and thus, participants — if they span too long of a time period. To keep interest high, we had weekly winners as well as monthly winners (who received the grand prize), along with the microsite. These strategies kept our audience engaged and entering photos all the way through to the end of the campaign.

At the microsite, readers could browse details about the competition and keep up with posts and daily activity. We also posted several daily articles related to the challenges, as well as stories about relationships in general.

Valentine’s Day served as a mid-period boost injection to keep interest in love and couples — and momentum for the campaign — high. Good communication between Brilio and the participants was crucial to keeping them on track. This meant taking the time to answer questions, solve problems, and respond to complaints. This kept the participants going.

Beating all expectations

By February 29, 2016, the team had managed to hit some targets — and exceed others.

The main impact was on Instagram followers. Brilio effectively saw a 46% jump in Instagram followers during the first week of the challenge, with an average 132 new followers per day. At the end of the period, Brilio’s following had doubled 3,841.

The Brilio Couples Contest engaged readers and beat expectations for engagement and social media followers.
The Brilio Couples Contest engaged readers and beat expectations for engagement and social media followers.

The highest interaction rate was 354 posts per day, with an average of 150 posts per day and the highest interaction on weekends. We had 4,400 total posts during the competition — well beyond any target or expectation.

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