Bonnier News Brand Studio boosts Mazda brand, revenue

By Anna Arvidsson

Bonnier News Brand Studio

Stockholm, Sweden


Bonnier News Brand Studio creates campaign concepts through insights, strategy, creativity, content, data, and optimisation, all with guaranteed reach and impact. We do this through cooperation with editorial departments from three of the largest news brands in Sweden: Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, and Dagens industri.

The overall objective is sustainable revenue growth by delivering integrated business solutions that make the complexity of today’s marketing ecosystems invisible to the customers. Thus, we deliver real business value by addressing client objectives and challenges beyond common key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reach and time spent. 

We created a solution for Mazda based on thorough analysis and insights. Our findings challenged the client’s media-mix preconceptions, which led to a reallocation of its overall budgets. 

The Mazda mission and go-to-market strategy moving into 2016 was to create curiosity for the brand. The company wanted to inspire and drive consideration of the brand along with achieving sales-lead generation for two prioritised car models: the CX-3 and the CX-5, targeted at young adults and family audiences, respectively. 

Mazda, together with its media agency, Mindshare, wanted to move away from traditional media solutions. They wanted to be first, receiving recognition for new ways of communicating about  cars beyond the “four wheels and nerdy features” approach with a preference for a multi-channel solution.

Bonnier News provided a multi-channel solution that inspired curiosity, inspiration, engagement, and intention to buy a Mazda.
Bonnier News provided a multi-channel solution that inspired curiosity, inspiration, engagement, and intention to buy a Mazda.

The key KPIs were to create a step-by-step customer journey, increasing the target audience’s curiosity, inspiration, engagement, and intention to buy. 

Bonnier News Brand Studio fully addressed the customer journey and created a one-stop-shop solution by being granted the full budget scope, including a TV budget and parts of the sales and production budgets. Within the project, we generated new revenue through the development of new products and services, on Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, and Dagens industri, now available for replication and use with other clients.

The strategy generated curiosity and engagement with target audiences through customised creatives. Consideration objectives were reached partly through storytelling and native campaigns, and leads were generated through interactive quizzes and educational questionnaires. In addition, we incorporated online video distributed with national-media reach. 

The Bonnier News Brand production team gained access to the car models. During an on-location photo day, the team generated spinning platform film material and photo content used for new display ads, a 360-interactive format, and a native wrap — an interactive welcome page with text and photo content that was interchangeable via user interaction. 

The purpose of the 360-interactive format was to educate the family audience on CX-5 model features. For example, we highlighted trunk space volume by featuring a stroller being placed in the trunk.

Brand Studio also developed a quiz integrated into the editorial content combined with contextual native advertising on motor subcategories and pages.

The campaign resulted in the following:

  • Curiosity increased by 12%.
  •  Inspiration grew by 8%.
  • Intention to  buy increased by 8%.
  • Engagement metrics were 20 times better than the average comparable client campaign.
  • Results leading up to quarter-by-quarter renewals were stated in the cooperation agreement.

In addition, Bonnier News Brand Studio acheived 295% year-on-year growth in client spend. 

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