Bild’s #TogetherAgainstCorona campaign encourages vaccinations

By Claudius Senst

Bild GmbH

Berlin, Germany


It now has been more than two years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives have changed drastically, and we all need to get used to a new normal. Living with restrictions such as wearing masks in public is part of it, as well as getting as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible — worldwide.

Although it is a milestone to have developed different vaccines at record pace, many people in different countries refuse to get their shots. Whether it is ignorance or scepticism against the vaccines, one key part of ending the pandemic is to get people motivated to take their shots.  

Daily virus infections reached a new peak at the end of 2021, which meant the vaccination campaign run was more important than ever before. Therefore, more than 150 of Germany’s (and even worldwide) most-known companies and brands decided to unite and provide their well-known slogans to publicly call for vaccinations. Bild, as the exclusive media partner at the start of the initiative, provided pro-bono ad spaces in print and digital to spread the essential message as wide and as fast as possible.

The clear objective was to convince and motivate readership and digital users to use vaccinations against the coronavirus as it is an essential key to ending the pandemic.


Bild's campaign encouraged companies to alter their logos to encourage people to get vaccinated.
Bild's campaign encouraged companies to alter their logos to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Bild is the most-circulated print newspaper in Germany and one of the biggest news media Web sites in Europe with a total reach of almost 40 million people every month (which means every other person in Germany gets in touch with the brand at least once a month). With this huge reach and power to present messages to German population, we supported this campaign with a pro-bono panoramic ad in print on December 7, 2021, as well as a 24-hour placement on our homepage.

Although there had been several campaigns promoting vaccinations in Germany already, they weren’t as powerful and didn’t receive so much attention. This campaign has been the biggest of its kind in the German industry: After the initial 150+ partners, more than 850 additional companies joined the initiative and published their adjusted slogans via several channels.

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