Bild “confessor” campaign boosts image and likeability of brand

By Daniel Kießling

Bild has by far the biggest print-run of any European newspaper and is read by more than 11 million people every day. Readers value its clarity, conciseness, and inimitable style. What appears in Bild shapes public discussion.

But many readers will not admit to reading Bild. Our challenge: to bring Bild reading out of the closet!

That’s why we made a campaign that takes the famous Bild slogan, “Bild Dir Deine Meinung!” (which translates to, “Form your own opinion!”) and makes it its own.

The campaign addressed Bild’s weaknesses: “confessor deficit” or the lack of self-confessed Bild readers. For this reason, we targeted opinion leaders to give their thoughts on Bild.

So Bild itself thus became the subject of statements that demonstrate, in a surprisingly, uncensored and open way, what these celebrities think of Bild. Our protagonists were, and should be, completely honest and make provocative or controversial judgments.

It was especially important for non-Bild readers, and those who dismiss it outright, that we surprised them with statements from people you would not normally associate with Bild, such as the German politicians Gregor Gysi and Hans-Dietrich Genscher, or the internationally successful fashion designer Wolfgang Joop.

Some celebrity statements referred to (as with Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel).

The campaign used moving images to bring the concept fully to life. The celebrities shared their personal opinion as an individual and used the strength of the spoken word. The power of the more controversial opinions, especially, became heightened through film. The immediacy and lack of manipulation contributed in particular to conveying credibility and authenticity.

In addition, a variety of visuals were developed for print and online to represent the entire gamut of opinions about Bild. At the same time, these media enabled us to target different groups through a variety of visuals and personalities. 

Summary of campaign performance:

  1. The campaign shifted Bild’s image. It has succeeded in giving a boost to the likeability of the Bild brand.

  2. The “confessor campaign” had presence. Its awareness rating was unusually high. In addition, the campaign has managed to appeal to both readers and non-readers in a short space of time and to incite them to both think about Bild and talk about it themselves.

  3. The relevance and content of the campaign of statements achieved a very high recognition rating.

  4. The campaign was fixed in people’s minds and correctly attributed to Bild. In addition, the campaign has helped to stabilize Bild’s market share (print), to have an impact on sales and to win new readers for

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