Amedia grows digital advertising through personalised native ads

By Sara Narvhus Oksdøl

Amedia Innholdsbyrå

Oslo, Norway


Across Amedia’s 100+ local news sites, the main income from advertising is moving from print to digital.

Our main advertising strategy is to grow digital advertising sales. Native advertising has been a large success in the last few years with high growth rates, and insights from Norwegian advertisers for 2023 show that one in two advertisers plan to increase their native advertising budgets.

To increase Amedia’s market share in this revenue stream, Amedia Innholdsbyrå continuously works to deliver better products and results to our clients.

We have always worked to optimise our native placements across our sites. This has been crucial to breaking through the noise of content and advertising. We have to pull the reader into our articles through relevant content based on the readers’ preferences and demography.

Amedia has collected great first-party data through our subscription login, aID.

Relevance plays a key role in the impact of advertising.
Relevance plays a key role in the impact of advertising.

Creating relevance with content

Although we pull in the readers through relevant and personalised titles, we have historically served all readers the same article. When we publish across multiple sites to multiple audiences, it would be widely time-consuming to create many different articles based on all the different audiences.

We know there is too much content, and the gap between available and desirable content out there is widening.

According to McKinsey’s Next in Personalization 2021 Report, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions. We wanted to develop a better way of delivering personalised content at scale to several different audiences across multiple sites.

Our solution

Together with VEV and Amedia’s data scientists, we created a new functionality in our publishing tool.

The new functionality allows us to create personalised content at scale for our advertisers. When we create articles, we can mark sections, pictures, or videos and create different content for our unique data target groups.

Amedia's new tool allows it to customise articles for specific target groups.
Amedia's new tool allows it to customise articles for specific target groups.

Elements in the article will then change automatically based on the reader to give a more personalised and relevant experience.

We tested the solution with the Ford Kuga and made different content sections and pictures for the target group “cabin owners” and “family.” To test the uplift in engagement, we ran 50% of the campaign with a general article and 50% with the new product’s personalised content at scale.

The results of the campaign show the power of relevancy. The optimised article had a 28.1% increase in reading time and a 26.2% increase in clicks from the article to the client’s home page.

We are now presenting the product features in the market. Many of our clients have been waiting for a solution like this to help them become more relevant and win the client’s attention and trust. This product will help us grow digital advertising sales going forward.

Click here to watch a demonstration of the features.

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