Amar Ujala drives paid subscriptions with podcast

By Neha Sikri

Amar Ujala Limited

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


If you have ever listened to a podcast, then you understand how entertaining, informative, and engaging they can be. It’s no surprise marketers are embracing podcasting to connect with customers, build brand awareness, and achieve their business goal of making content more accessible.

Today there has been a paradigm shift in how audiences consume content online, and trends and demands are moving quickly. With one-third of Millennials listening to podcasts regularly, digital marketers are adapting their content strategies to include this popular media. A daily podcast isn’t just a marketing vehicle for a publisher; it also has the potential to generate substantial revenue.

Maybe you don’t have time to read this whole article. But what if it was read to you out loud while you’re driving to work, working out at the gym, or completing chores around the house? Audio content allows the listener to multitask.  As the world becomes busier, the podcast format has become incredibly popular.

People who listen to and engage with podcasts are more likely to become loyal customers as the relationship develops. This means better engagement levels, increased brand awareness, and — of course — more sales!

The e-paper provides a summary of the day's podcasts.
The e-paper provides a summary of the day's podcasts.

To amplify user engagement with audio products and keep the content strategy fresh, the digital arm of Amar Ujala launched its podcast, Amar Ujala Awaaz, with the objectives of driving paid e-paper subscriptions and increasing time consumers spend on the Web site. Seeking a new audience, Amar Ujala Awaaz is an extension of the brand and another tool to get the content out in a way that is easily accessible.

Something for everyone

Amar Ujala Awaaz was launched on the e-paper subscriptions site and on the main Web site.

Audio clips are embedded on the e-paper Web site to give audio summary of the current day’s top stories to our readers. The user opens the app/Web site in the morning and just press play to listen until they finish their commutes.

The app is currently live for five editions: Lucknow, Agra, Shimla, Delhi, and Meerut. Initial user response was good and launching on all local editions will lead to more paid conversions.

To increase user engagement and create new audiences on, new shows and episodes are uploaded on the Web site, providing unique and interesting content for everyone. Local news, top stories of the hour, recitals, interviews, performances, events, Bollywood gossip, and astrology are all included. All they have to do is tune in on the Web site and listen on the go. 

The popular podcasts cover everything from breaking news to Bollywood gossip.
The popular podcasts cover everything from breaking news to Bollywood gossip.

Podcast fuels audience growth

Amar Ujala Awaaz has been successfully running since the launch and has seen key outcomes so far:

  • We are successfully running more than 28 podcast shows.
  • The average session duration of users listening to the podcasts has a 50% completion rate.
  • Since launch, Awaaz has clocked 1 million unique plays per month and is a key driver in increasing engagement and paid orders.
  • A summary of the current’s day news embedded in the e-paper of an edition is the most-used audio feature on Awaaz.
  • 1.5% of e-paper paid subscriptions are coming from podcast each month.

The pandemic’s unruly forces have expedited digital marketing growth in India. In the restricted lifestyles of COVID-19, the podcast offers a screen-free way to consume stories and news, attend discussions, and enjoy interviews. Brands have shifted their budgets to the digital medium completely and started exploring new options within this virtual realm.

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