Advertiser-supported tablet-only magazines keep growing at Tablet Media

By L. Carol Christopher


Pleasant Hill, California, USA


Billing itself as “smart reading for smart people,” Prague-based Tablet Media is an independent Czech publishing house established by a group of senior journalists and media managers. The goal? Creating a network of magazines that have no printed versions, but exist only as tablet editions.

Tablet Media sees the tablet magazine format as a new way for magazines to continue their existence. The business model is based on free magazines with revenues coming from advertising; an important part of the plan was to create tablet advertising that is both interactive and attractive.

Tablet Media produces four magazines, all free, all only produced for the tablet platform.
Tablet Media produces four magazines, all free, all only produced for the tablet platform.

With its 20 employees, Tablet Media produces the first tablet-only magazine, not only in the Czech Republic, but in Central Europe as well. Its news magazine, Dotyk (The Touch), debuted in May 2013. Part of its distinction from tablet versions of traditional media is that it fully utilised all features of tablet devices from the beginning.

Dotyk offers insight and opinion on politics, business, technology, society, culture, and science, and seeks to put ideas into context. Each issue includes photo galleries, videos, animations, slide shows, and interactive charts and maps. 

Readership for Dotyk weekly expanded in 2014, giving Tablet Media the confidence to start three new magazines.

Dotyk Byznys (Business) launched in December 2014, and became the second tablet-only weekly in the Czech Republic, and the first tablet-only weekly business magazine. Dotyk Byznys successfully competes with printed business magazines and has a strong focus on business and economy-related topics. It features in-depth analysis, comments, interviews, and profiles. Like its sibling weekly, it features a unique layout and interactive infographics. The target demographic is opinion leaders. Its weekly readership is more than 10,000. 

• The monthly Dotyk Styl Royal launched in November 2014 and is the first tablet-only Czech monthly on aristocracy. It is focused on the life of nobility all over the world. Its target demographic is women. It has three content sections: 

  1. Modern aristocracy (news on royals, profiles, histories of royal families, etc.). 

  2. Czech aristocracy (interviews with descendants of ex-Czech nobles, stories of Czech castles, etc.). 

  3. Lifestyle (stories of royal brands, fashion style of the world aristocracy, traveling, luxury, schools for future kings, etc.). 

Dotyk Styl Bydlení (Living) also launched in November 2014 as the first tablet-only Czech monthly on modern living. It targets both men and women with high incomes. It has a strong focus on high-tech equipment, and content sections include high tech, design, décor, and new trends in architecture and gardens. Like its siblings, it utilises photo slideshows and videos, but also provides links to e-shops. 

All four magazines are offered to advertisers, who like Dotyk’s modern and innovative ad formats, as a bundle. Tablet Media not only publishes ads, but offers advertisers the creation of them as multi-media and interactive pieces, the key strengths of Tablet Media magazines, as well.

Another key element is the strong content produced by respected writers — staff and freelancers, including economists, scientists, and physicians, who use various journalism styles (features, reportage, in-depth analysis, opinions, columns, and comments). It also includes licensed articles from Newsweek, Foreign Policy, Slate, and The Washington Post. 

Dotyk boasted a weekly readership of more than 20,000 in 2014. More than 80,000 issues of its monthlies are downloaded. And downloads of the Dotyk app have approached nearly 90,000. It has also published a special children’s supplement. 

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