8world goes back to school to connect with young audiences

By Han Weiding




How does a news outlet attract young audiences in our media-saturated world? For 8world, the lead Chinese editorial brand at Mediacorp, it meant going back to school.

In 2022, we launched the first Young Reporter News Challenge, targeting schools in Singapore. The inaugural youth outreach programme offered participants exclusive access to the inner workings of the Chinese newsroom at Mediacorp, Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network.

This event is supported by key agencies in Singapore, like the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, and Promote Mandarin Council.

For 8world, the best way to reach young audiences was to go back to school.
For 8world, the best way to reach young audiences was to go back to school.

Over the course of a year, participants delved into the world of news reporting across multiple platforms, including radio, TV, digital, and social media. Our news anchors, radio presenters and journalists hit the road and hosted workshops at schools.

The campaign culminated with a contest where students use their newfound journalistic skills to produce news features on current events and issues. We published the winning entries on our digital news Web site and social media platforms.

Raising student interest

The campaign received widespread support from the student community. Students relished the chance to try their hand at journalism, while teachers appreciated the opportunities for students to use the Chinese language in real-life settings. Encouraged by this success, we launched the second edition of the Young Reporter News Challenge in 2023. Contest participation rates leapt by 50% year-on-year.

As part of our ongoing efforts to build brand longevity, the Young Reporter News Challenge has now been earmarked as an annual flagship event for 8world. Initiatives like this go a long way in preserving the Chinese language for generations to come. 

Future-proofing the newsroom

Audience renewal is key to a news outlet’s long-term success. We’re always asking ourselves how to grow our audience base and connect with the next generation of news consumers.

As a Chinese-language newsroom based in Singapore, we face two major challenges: evolving news consumption habits and language preferences. How do we appeal to digital natives who gravitate toward consuming news in English from non-traditional sources?

By partnering with schools and directly engaging with students, we are building trust and establishing our credibility. We’re bridging the gap between our newsroom and classrooms. Through school visits and a media camp, students met and learned from the people behind the news. 

Partnering with schools allows 8world to build a relationship with students, establishing trust and credibility.
Partnering with schools allows 8world to build a relationship with students, establishing trust and credibility.

Our news anchors, radio presenters, and reporters share what goes into producing a solid piece of news, from verifying news leads to interviewing newsmakers. With a better understanding of journalism, students will hopefully turn to trusted sources for news and information.

As students learn from us, we also learn from them. Through our interactions with students, we gain insights into the digital landscape and trending topics that resonate with the young.

The school sessions are also a chance for us to spread awareness among youths that 8world is a platform where their voices can be heard. To that end, we’ve carved out a special section on the 8world News vertical.

Called So Young, the page features campaign coverage, as well as news stories that matter to the youth community. The page also features the winning news pieces from the campaign’s contest, encouraging students to try their hand at reporting. By providing such a platform, we hope to cultivate a sense of curiosity among students about issues that matter to them.

By fostering meaningful connections, we strive to create lasting relationships with the next era of news consumers. With an eye out for the future, 8world strives to be the go-to Chinese news source of their generation.

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