5 ways Gazeta do Povo meets readers at their interests

By Axeu Aislan Beluca

We are going through such a relevant change that it certainly demands a moment of reflection. We are maybe living the greatest of all revolutions: the new dynamics in producing, consuming, and sharing information.

This revolution has become a major challenge for brands that need to reinvent how they connect with customers, expand the ecosystem between product and service, and reinforce the meaning of their brand.

Today, the “customer” is no longer passive; he has become the co-author of the large social conversation happening around contents distributed by “traditional methods.” He fully produces in a participative and hyper-connected culture.

The common citizen has incorporated new habits, noting that he has never consumed, produced, or shared so much information — or his story, or all that happens around him, relevant or not — like this before. 

In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg explained that people love to share moments and experiences. Doing so only requires technology. We live in a cultural context where people seek to express themselves, be engaged and interact, so there is a growing and general need to become informed. 

We, providers of content, should tell relevant stories that are able to involve, entertain, and engage people, and that will be naturally shared because they’ve reached their goal in participating in social conversations happening around screens and contents, through human conversations, in their everyday lives.

Stories in which the protagonist and the hero should be the customer and not only the brand, making sense to the audience, informing and conveying the meaning and the value of the brand.

When your business model is identical to that of Walmart, you have a ton of content to offer, but nobody cares because you have nothing to connect it with — neither a purpose, a focus, a passion, a need, a desire, nor an interest.

Since 2014, Gazeta do Povo’s positioning campaign has performed a kind of reconstruction of the word “newspaper,” strengthening its multi-platform concept, linking opinion, news, entertainment, and service that create experiences for readers. 

We were always connected to the information. So, all this work aims to position Gazeta do Povo once again as a platform for communication focused on people and their interests, that is, a meeting platform where people have access to relevant information, share ideas, and seek services to ease their everyday lives.

In 2015, we will introduce new products, five of them connected to the platform Viver Bem, that addresses topics such as health, maternity, weddings and parties, children, and the golden years. More than only bringing trends and reports on the themes, the platform will be a services guide to ease the everyday lives of people. 

We’ve also released enkontra.com, a platform that has integrated the brands Gazeta do Povo, JL, Tribuna, and Paraná Online to offer the best option in classified ads, bringing together a lot of opportunities in real estate, vehicles, jobs and services.

And the news doesn’t stop there. We’re evolving in dialoguing with our reader, creating diversified solutions such as the Socialisation Project, and several other events that allow us to bring people to Gazeta do Povo.

We work the whole process of positioning and developing new products to attend five major traits:

  1. Show the relevance.

  2. Encourage and support the exploration and appreciation of the platform’s range.

  3. Be consistent in all platforms.

  4. Encourage virtuous circles.

  5. Create tangible value, generating sustainable payment relations.

Our major challenge is to tell and successfully perform stories that connect people in a way that has never been done before. If the product and/or service is not communicated in a way that is entertaining, it will not be interesting in a world of excesses. Then we should be, in an enlarged form, storytellers and storydoers.

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