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30-day card collecting campaign increases retail print sales for APN ARM

APN ARM created its Prehistoric Dinosaur Collection promotion in 2014 with the goal of increasing retail print sales whilst engaging major retailers and the community in general. 

The campaign ran for 30 days and saw readers collecting newspaper tokens to redeem at their local news agent for sets of two dinosaur collector cards. With 40 unique cards, readers had the goal of completing a full collection. 

APN ARM partnered with regional news agents throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales to distribute 800,000 educational dinosaur collector cards to more than 12 key regional markets.

In a 360-degree promotion, APN ARM made full use of print, online, radio and social media. The campaign was supported in mastheads across APN ARM’s extensive media footprint, inspiring additional content, stories, and print editorial, with full use being made of the opportunity to leverage content relevant to the promotion. 

Related teaching resources in APN ARM’s Newspapers-in-Education section proved particularly popular with local schools. 

Staff created a dedicated Web site, featuring educational online games, while point-of-sale items like balloons, cut-outs, wobblers, and posters built excitement in local news agencies. Additional elements like a series of “Dino Week” trivia challenges, figurine giveaways, and card swap meets engaged the community and encouraged retail growth.

The Prehistoric Dinosaur Collection promotion was a resounding success, with an overwhelming response from readers, advertisers, retailers, and staff. It achieved incremental print sales growth on bonus token days, and ultimately delivered a 1.3% retail improvement across the group of 12 daily titles.

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