24sata advertisers engage Millennials with campaign about female sexuality

By Tea Tolić


Zagreb, Croatia

By Marko Janković


Zagreb, Croatia

In Croatia, a small country of four million with a strong religious background, the conservative mindset is still prevalent and sex is still largely a taboo subject. That’s why miss7, a women’s lifestyle brand, coupled with Lelo, a premium sex toys brand, to encourage people to be more open-minded about their sexuality. The goal of the “Let’s talk about sex” campaign was to break the taboo.

Survey respondents could see how those who share their age, sexual orientation, location, and other characteristics respond to the questions.
Survey respondents could see how those who share their age, sexual orientation, location, and other characteristics respond to the questions.

Here at 24sata, we wanted to talk openly and freely about sex in Croatia. To get the best insights for the campaign, we tapped into the minds of Millennial women through a two-way approach to communication.

The core of our campaign was a big survey exploring sex habits of women in Croatia. The survey produced personalised infographics for a custom interactive microsite for every participant, comparing them with others within their age group, sexual orientation, geolocation, and other relevant factors. The survey ended with user-generated content — women were invited to anonymously share their thoughts during sex, and the best answers were awarded with exclusive Lelo gifts.

We followed thousands of replies in real time and used them for live content creation on miss7’s Web site, a practice that was never tried before in the market. Every article topic was selected and crafted by taking the live survey results as a pointer for the most interesting areas of interest of our readers. 

It comes as no surprise the articles vastly outperformed our standard editorial content published in the same time frame. The findings were also distributed on the miss7 Facebook page, while Instagram was used for the “Instagram takeover” format that pointed fans to the core campaign elements.

And then, the climax. We analysed the survey results with a professional sexologist, through articles and infographics shedding light on the most interesting findings. Even the standard miss7 newsletter got a sexy makeover with uniquely designed results and content for all subscribers.

Our survey revealed that most women describe themselves as “sex machines,” but in reality, they don’t have as much sex as they would like. So we decided to help them improve their sex lives by offering a Sexy Dice mobile game.

The results were impressive:

  • The campaign hit the right spot with more than 17,000 survey participants, which outperformed our expected target by almost seven times.
  • Sex topics on miss7’s Web site were trending during and after the campaign, outperforming standard editorial content by a large margin.
  • Our sexy newsletter had a 36% open rate.
  • The mobile-first Sex Dice game showed Croatians that actions speak louder than words with more than 80,000 shakes in the first two weeks and average play time of more than seven minutes (which correlates with the survey findings of the preferred foreplay duration). 

This was the first time such an extensive campaign about sexuality was made in Croatian media. 

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